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  • Master SPS Open Tubular

    SPS protection reinforces especially the most delicate part of the clincher tire (open tubular) in order to solve the problems of compatibility with the carbon rims that have been spotted in the last few years.

    Carbon rims are produced in a different way, unlike those in aluminium, and usually have a rough surface that is polished by some high level producers in order to avoid problems with the tires. However, not all of them are as careful and on these types of tires the constant rubbing of the tire on the rim tends to rip apart the thin threads that make up the clincher tire casing.

    Also, as pressure at 6-7 atmospheres originally tended to make the sides of the carbon rim give, because of the pressure and the temperature, some producers of carbon rims started to reduce the height of the shoulder of the rim and to develop (to satisfy their customers’ needs to use higher pressures) bead seats with sharp edges to tackle the problem of holding the tire into its seat. As a consequence, the ETRTO regulations, which set the standard to fit the rim and the tire and ensure they work correctly and smoothly, have been disregarded.

    With the clincher tires equipped with the SPS system (Sidewall Protection System) – identifiable by the new tag and by the fact that once fitted on the rim some millimeters of a thin stripe come out of the border to guarantee full protection – no one will have to worry about the brand or the type of carbon rim.

    All the range of Veloflex clincher tires is available in the SPS version and these models will gradually substitute the traditional version, which is fully compatible with any aluminium rim and with most carbon rims and will be still available while stocks last.

    Master SPS open tubulars are designed for bicycle training and racing.

    As they are extremely lightweight (only 205 g) Master SPS open tubulars are suitable for any kind of purpose and are able to offer greater performance than one would normally expect from an ordinary clincher tire. Thus, they are called ‘open tubulars’.

    Master SPS open tubular section guarantees lower rolling resistance and unrivaled sprint for acceleration.

    Master SPS are made with the same 320 TPI (thread per inch) casing as Veloflex tubulars to offer lower rolling resistance and greater flexibility.

    Master SPS use SPS technology (Sidewall Protection System): a further sidewall protection system that makes the clincher tires suitable for all carbon rims available on the market, regardless of the type or brand.

    They are perfect for training and racing as they combine the excellent performance of a tubular and the comfortable mounting and fitting of a clincher tire while guaranteeing great handling when cornering in all weather conditions.

    All Master SPS tubular sidewalls have a unique gum color, which gives them a classic look, and are made with superior material processed with the latest technology.

    Like all Veloflex products, Master SPS open bicycle tubulars are handmade with artisan processing and in limited quantity in Italy.

    Technical Details
    • Use: Racing, Training
    • Size: 28/25/23 622mm (700 x 28c / 25c / 23c)
    • Weight*: 230g (28mm), 220g (25g), 210g (23mm)
    • TPI (Threads Per Inch): 320 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
    • Pressure: 5-8 bar (75-115 psi) 28mm, 6-9 bar (85-130 psi) 25mm, 7-10 bar (100-145 psi) 23mm
    • Protection Belt: Antipuncture layer
    • Sidewall protection: SPS Sidewall Protection System
    • Casing: Compressed Pes/Co corespun
    • Beads: Kevlar ** inextensible yarn
    • Rubber tread: Natural rubber exclusive compound

    * Weight ± 5%
    * Kevlar is a DuPont registered trademark
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    • Dr Malcolm S Proudfoot 21/05/2020
      Lovely supple tyre. Great grip. Not loads of puncture protection obviously, but that's not the point. Use with latex inners.

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