Veloflex Arenberg 700x25C tubular tire black

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  • All-purpose tubular ideal for rough terrains like setts or cobblestones paved roads, its tread guarantees the best grip for this kind of races on both dry or wet surfaces, the larger (24mm) and more resistant structure will reduce the risk of flats, all these qualities in a contained weight of only 290gr. Arenberg comes with black coloured sidewalls for a more aggressive look that will match perfectly every wheel.

    Use Pavé Racing
    Size 28" - 25mm (700x25c)
    Weight* 290 gr.
    TPI 320 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
    Pressure 6/9 bar (85/130 psi)
    Protection Belt Calicot puncture resistant layer
    Casing Compressed Pes/Co corespun
    Rubber tread Natural rubber exclusive compound
    Inner tube Latex low rolling resistance
    Valve Presta 42 mm with changeable core
    Mileage Front 6.000 km - Rear 3.000 km

    • Every single tyre produced by Veloflex is hand-made.
    • The product is made in Italy with artisanal methods and in limited quantity.
    • Veloflex tires are made with the most technologically advanced materials available on the market.
    • If you buy one of our tyres you are sure that this is the same product used by great champions
    • Veloflex exclusive tread compound assures an excellent grip on every kind of road.
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    • Greg C. 30/04/2016
      excellent tire, one of the best I've used.
      extremely comfortable and durable tubular. I like the added width for sloppy and bad roads

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    Factory number:TAR
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