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  • Tool No2 - 50 gram
    TT02 is for deburring nipple holes on rims.

    TT02: Several steps are needed for the construction of high-quality wheels. Durability and quality for aluminium rims without loops depends highly on the de-burring of the nipple holes. Not every manufacturer removes the burrs from the nipple holes, and rounds them off carefully. This can lead to a ‘notch effect’ of the sharp-edged nipple seat at the nipple head.

    The TT02 Tool has been developed by and for our wheel builders, and de-burring by hand is very simple. The tool handle lies comfortably in the hand and is milled out of finest 70 aluminium in our hallowed halls.
    An indicator on the tool handle makes prolonged use easier.

    The countersink uses three cutting edges which center the TT02 precisely in the middle of the hole and enables an equally round countersink on a flat surface. Thus, a nipple can centre itself perfectly, and the spoke tension is spread equally across the nipple surface, and doesn’t get damaged in advanced of tensioning.

    Specs Tool No2

    • Material Tool handle: CNC-milled 7075 aluminum
    • Material cap: plastic
    • Material of the screw: steel
    • Material conical sinker: acid-resistant 18/10 chromium-nickel steel alloyed with sulfur to improve machinability
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    Factory number:BWZ0200gg
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