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tune Speedneedle Marathon carbon saddle black

57511 / 4062266008356 / SL0002sw / 2018
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This item is crafted in Germany
  • Speedneedle Marathon - 109 gram
    "It's hard, but it's amazing how pleasant you sit on it." (Bike 09/04)

    The Speedneedle of Jürgen Mikus offers the same seat comfort as a good standard saddle but does knock the spots off regarding the weight. Due to the bending oft he saddle shell and the yielding of the seat upholstery normal saddles do press on the perineal region. This is not the case with stiff saddles (Speedneedle).

    The result is a better blood circulation, no numbness. In addition the hollow upholstering in the perineal region avoids even numbness.
    Since 2007 the Speedneedle gets delivered with a revised strut. Due to the new carbon-aramid-mix we can forgo the additional wrapping.
    The Speedneelde strut does have a large clamping area which enables the use of nearly all straight posts at all bikes. (max. biker weight 90 kg).

    The saddle is vegan-friendly (artificial leather).

    Specs Speedneedle Marathon

    • saddle shell and strut: carbon-aramid-mix
    • saddle face: leather/ carbon
    • strut: 7,5x9,5 mm, carbon-aramid-mix
    • upholstering: high-expansion foam
    • width: 135 mm
    • length: 260 mm

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IN STOCK (only 2 left in stock)