tune Princess Skyline Straight 12 disc hub front

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  • Princess Skyline - 91 gram
    It is built exclusively with unequipped spokes.

    Optional Ceramicspeed Upgrade, click here

    Finest milling art! The new straight hubs rings the bell for a new generation in our hub family.

    Perfect manufacture – absolute durable even under worst conditions.

    The new Princess Skyline assembled with straight pull spokes. This creates an appropriate load for the flanges and a direct
    application of the braking force. A damned light piece of finest milling technology!

    Tune uses special bearings which are like that not available on the market! The bearings identify themselves
    through a special grease and a higher filling degree. Besides o fit they are double abradant sealed and maintenancfree.

    Specs Princess Skyline
    • Material: aluminum/ carbon
    • Number of spokes: 24, 28, 32
    • Hole circle diameter: 51,6/28,2 mm (left/ right)
    • Flange to center: 21,8/32,4 mm (left/ right)
    • Axle width: 100 mm
    • Clamping method: 12 mm thru axle
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  • Annotations

    In case that the specific option you are looking for (e.g. CL/6-hole, freehub body, axle standard or anodization color) is not listed we ask you to place the order using a dummy hub and drop a short comment regarding the configuration you exactly need.

    If there are any questions or price changes we will contact you immediately after you have placed your order.
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This item is crafted in Germany