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  • Prince Boost - 192 Gramm
    Super light straightpull hub with rear boost

    Optional Ceramicspeed Upgrade, click here

    Together with the Princess, the Prince Boost becomes a increcibly light and noble couple.

    The new Prince Boost is not just another hub in the row. Wheelbuilders and athletes both love it, because it comes with all the
    benefits of the Boost-standard, without any drawbacks when it comes to weights!
    Combine these two beautys and you will get the most royal hub couple the world has seen so far.

    Only straightpull spokes!

    Tune uses special bearings which are like that not available on the market! The bearings identify themselves through a special grease and a higher filling degree. Besides o fit they are double abradant sealed and maintenancfree.

    Due to local production spare part service guaranteed upto the smallest distance.

    Available in all TUNE anodized colors!

    Specs Prince Boost
    Material: Aluminum
    Number of spokes: 28/32
    Pitch circle : left/right 47/57 mm
    Flange to center: left/right 35,5/21,9 mm
    Axle width: 148 mm
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This item is crafted in Germany
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