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tune DC12 thru-axle MTB rear for Shimano E-Thru silver

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59271 / BNP1001si
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This item is crafted in Germany
  • DC12
    ... with 37g is certainly one of the lightest available storage cranes

    Tune quick release - a class in itself. Super-light yet very high clamping force.
    …with only 37g the DC12 belongs to the lightest available Thru-Axles on the market. Nonetheless the Thru-Axle does not underlies any weight limits and is usable without concerns.
    Thru-Axles help stabilising the fork, the stiffer connection between hub and fork reduces twisting. With a Thru-Axle the wheel always sits perfect. Using a Quickrelease it can happen that the brake rubs, after removing and mounting the wheel.

    TUNE is the first, who took up the thematic „weight optimizing at Thru-Axles“ successfully.

    Like at our Quickreleases we use a excentric principle. In the excenter-seat, a kind of „pan“, a ball with a mounted carbon lever is embedded, which the axlehead is mounted excentric. The Thru-Axle can be opend and closed with the carbon lever.

    Greases are regularly sticky and tend to collect dirt. TUNE uses therefore a special new developed and patented dry grease. Every open and moving part is treated with it. A molybdenum disulfide contaning grease (similar to graphite) gets bound to a varnish. After a muddy ride the spanner should not get greased, like a bike chain, it only has to be cleaned, if wanted…
    The special varnish used not only provides a permanent greasing, it also enables the alignment of the lever, also in closed position. Over the time, where you had to fix the Thru-Axle complicate. The DC12 can be closed comfortably and turned into position when closed.

    TUNE Thru-Axle DC12 – Superlight and nonetheless high clamping force, a unique optic, many colours. Extremely slim and secure, no sharp edges, no danger.

    Specs DC12
    • Excenter and bold: aluminium
    • Axle: aluminium
    • Lever: Carbon
    • Manufacturing mehtod: cnc-machined
    • Function principle: excentric lever
    • System: Syntace X-12 / Shimano E-Tru Standard

    May not be shipped to UK!

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    • Tune DC12
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IN STOCK (only 1 left in stock)