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  • Tune conversion kit front wheel

    Version 01
    Origin: Fat King thru axle 15mm [135/142mm]
    Convert to: QR5
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0205sw

    Version 02
    Origin: King/Princess/Dörte thru axle 15mm
    Convert to: QR5 quick release
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0201sw

    Version 03
    Origin: King/Princess QR5/QR15
    Convert to: thru axle 12mm
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0207sw

    Version 04
    Origin: Old King till MY 2008 QR5
    Convert to: thru axle 15mm
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0203sw

    Version 05
    Origin: Fat King QR5
    Convert to: thru axle 15x142mm
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0206sw

    Version 06
    Origin: King MK thru axle 20mm
    Convert to: thru axle 15 mm
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0202sw

    Version 07
    Origin: King/Princess/Dörte QR5
    Convert to: thru axle 15mm
    Manufacturer's number: BNZ0200sw
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