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Tunap Sports bearing grease 100ml

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  • It couldn't be more practical: thanks to the integrated dispenser, the TUNAP SPORTS bearing grease is perfectly dispensed into its place, protecting moving parts on the bike from moisture and corrosion for a long time. The bearing grease is specially formulated for wheels and can absorb a high amount of moisture, thus preventing harmful corrosion. The TUNAP SPORTS bearing grease is unaffected by dirty weather or nasty temperatures - this lubricant delivers optimum performance in all conditions on highly stressed parts such as gear hubs, headsets and bottom brackets. The dirt-repellent properties are an important argument, especially for frequent riders. Thanks to its unique heat resistance, the lubricant does not run out of the bearing even in extreme sunlight.

    • Application:
    • Thoroughly clean the parts to be lubricated with TUNAP SPORTS drive or brake cleaner
    • Dispense the required amount of TUNAP SPORTS bearing grease from the dispenser and apply in a targeted manner
    • Remove excess grease with a cloth
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IN STOCK (only 1 left in stock)
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