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Trickstuff brake rotor Dächle

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  • We all know the problem: First there is an annoying defect, then the wheel (mainly the rear wheel) absolutely refuses to be installed. There actually is a reason for that: The rectangular outer edge of the disc rotor clashes with the rectangular lower edge of the brake pads (as shown in the illustration below). The consequence: You start to fumble, causing you to lose time as well as your head.
    Father to the thought was the wish that was repeatedly expressed by racers: To get a disc rotor with chamfer – a roof-shaped tapering of the outer profile of the disc rotor. The aim: To be able to install the wheel as fast and as uncomplicated as possible after having repaired the defect.
    Thanks to the rounded 60-degree-chamfer on its outer profile, the new TRICKSTUFF DÄCHLE-DISC slides into the narrow 2 mm slot between the two brake pads almost automatically.
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