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  • The ATAC XC 4 pedal is designed for cross country mountain bike riders.

    It features a chromed, hollow steel axle making it light and durable. The exclusive ATAC system (TIME patent) offers very easy engagement and its open design automatically clears debris each time you step in.

    The ATAC XC 4 is also suitable for trail riding, bike touring and gravel road riding.

    Weight: 147g

    ATAC step-in
    Simple and speedy step-in due to a vital step-in angle

    ATAC technology was developed by our engineers to make the step-in and step-out easier in our mtb pedals range: enduro, cyclocross and cross-country. The step-in is made by 2 movements: one to the bottom of the pedal, and the second downward. Touring/casual cyclists will be familiar with the automatic pedals and racers looking for performance will be out in front when it comes to step-in.

    Self Cleaning
    Each time you step into the TIME ATAC the lever clears out any debris (mud, sand, etc...).

    Self-cleaning is characterized by an instantaneous cleaning at step-in. This technology is applied to our whole mtb range: enduro, cyclocross and cross-country. All the top competitors like Wout Van Aert, Victor Koretzky and Jordan Sarrou are using TIME pedals with this technology.

    Choice of the release angle
    For TIME, performance and biomechanics are one and the same. Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimize performance in the following 3 points: security, ergonomics and performance. For this purpose we developed two types of cleats: The Easy Cleat features a step-out angle of 10º, made for touring cyclists and for riders who require an easier release angle. The standard reversible cleat allows you to swap the cleats to achieve a release angle of 13º for an easy step-out or 17º for a wider angle of release or step-out.

    Spring tension
    To make performance and biomechanics one and the same, we developed a system on our mtb pedals to adjust the spring tension. A touring cyclist looking for an easy step-out could choose the low tension position whereas a racer would opt for the high tension to have more security in extreme conditions.

    Technical data
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    All clip-on pedals come as pair including cleats.
    Factory number:T2GV004
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