SON laced and trued wheel with SON 28 12 dynamo/hub for thru-axle

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  • For some of us wheel building is a science in itself, it is a question of conviction for others. It is widely recognized, that professional craftsmanship is superior to machines: a worker will check material and process steps with all senses. He will work carefully with sensitive finishes and do the necessary.

    A durable wheel is made out of good material, equally high spoke tension and careful distressing of the spokes. Spoke breaks are very rare and normally there is no need of truing the wheel again.

    Handbuilt wheels

    SON offers a wide selection of hand-built wheels with rims 26″ to 29″.

    Please communicate in the comment field of the shopping basket:
    • Spoke color (silver/black)
    • Nipple color (silver/black)
    • Hub color (silver/black/red)
    • Rim (see below)

    If there is no comment we will deliver the default configuration (underlined)!
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  • The following rims can be chosen:

    • Open Pro black 32H
    • CXP Pro black 32H
    • Open Pro UST black 32H
    • Open Pro UST Disc black 32H
    • A319 silver 32H
    • A319 black 32H
    • A719 black 36H
    • XM 424 disc black 32H
    • XM 824 disc black 32H
    • R 460 schwarz 32H
    • R 460 disc black 32H
    • Sputnik silver 36H
    • Sputnik black 36H
    • ZAC 2000 silver 36H
    • ZAC 2000 black 36H
    • Taurus 21 disc black 32H
    • X-Plorer silver 32H
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This item is crafted in Germany