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Sigma Sport Aura 80 + Blaze lighting set front+rear incl. Micro-USB cable (StVZO permitted)

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  • A beam range of 90 meters at 80 lux will satisfy any frequent rider. The AURA 80 USB is the bike light of choice for commuters and for athletic training rides in the evening. Precise LED indicators on the top show you just how much battery charge is left and which of the four light modes you have selected. The lateral Light Guide not only makes the front lights, which comply with German road traffic regulations (StVZO), attractive, but also ensures that you are better visible to others on the road.

    • AURA 80 USB
    • StVZO approved
    • Illumination: 80 LUX (40 LUX in the lowmodus, 20 LUX in the ecomodus)
    • light: 90 m
    • burning time: 4 h in standard mode, 15 h in ecomodus
    • watertight-proof according to IPX4
    • tool-free click mounting
    • integradet accu
    • Micro-USB
    • two-stage battery indicator
    • weight: 119 g (including holder)
    • Light Guide
    • Osram LED

    • BLAZE
    • 3 LED
    • Visibility: 500 m
    • Burning time: 7 h (Standard mode)
    • Charging time: 3 h
    • Tool-free attachment with a stable silicone bracket
    • Integrated Micro-USB charging function
    • Lateral visibility
    • Two-step accumulator charge indicator
    • Splashproof according IPX4
    • Weight: 22 g
    • Meets German StVZO

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    • Micro-USB cable
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days