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Sigma Sport Aura 25 + Cubic lighting set

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  • The battery-powered front light AURA 25 is StVZO approved and with 25 lux provides sufficient light and improved visibility for your evening trips through the city. The affordable bike light illuminates for a good 30 metres providing a harmonious light pattern in the core and side zones, thus ensuring more safety in road traffic. The lamp is powered by the supplied standard 2 x AA batteries. The batteries can be easily exchanged on the move and without tools. In standard mode, the burn time of the AURA 25 is at least 5 hours. In eco-mode it lasts even 7 hours. The AURA 25 has a single-level battery indicator, which provides information about the remaining battery capacity. With less than 30% remaining capacity, the button will glow red. Thanks to the integrated silicone holder, the AURA 25 can be mounted on the handlebars without tools and removed again. Even handlebars with 35 mm diameter or oval handlebar shapes pose no problem.

    • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
    • Two-stage battery indicator
    • Weight: 70 g (incl. bracket, without batteries)
    • Burn time: 5 h in Standard mode, 7 h in Eco mode
    • Tool-free mounting
    • Incl. batteries (2x AA)
    • Effectiveness: 25 LUX (15 LUX in Eco mode)
    • Beam range: 30 m

    The tail light CUBIC offers a high level of safety in road traffic and is one of the cheapest StVZO-approved lights in the market. With its long burning time it is an indispensable companion and ideally suited for bikes of commuters or students. With the help of a coin you can easily open the battery compartment and change the batteries quickly and anywhere. Just make sure that the silicone strap is opened before. With fully charged batteries the CUBIC will guide you safely in the dark for at least 20 hours. The CUBIC alerts you to the time for the next battery change. To the right and left of the click button there are two indicator lights. If the battery capacity drops below 70%, the right light will turn green. At less than 30%, the left indicator light shows a red light.

    • Side visibility
    • Tool-free mounting with flexible silicone mount
    • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
    • Incl. batteries (2x AAA)
    • Visibility range: 400 m
    • Weight: 38 g (incl. bracket, without batteries)
    • Burn time: 20 h
    • Two-stage battery indicator
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