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Sigma Sport Activo Activity Tracker berry pink

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  • Have you done enough exercise today? ACTIVO will let you know!
    With its chic, slender, two-tone wrist strap, the ACTIVO’s clearly legible display provides precise information. It shows how many steps you have taken, how far you have moved, and how many calories you have burned. Above all, it shows the activity level of the day and uses Bluetooth Smart to transmit all of the statistics to a smartphone and the free SIGMA ACTIV app.
    The USB rechargeable battery in the ACTIVO will last approximately 8 days and takes only 2 hours to completely charge. While it is charging, the activity tracker is disabled and will show a flashing LED light. When it is fully charged, the light will shine permanently indicating that it is ready to use.
    ACTIVO is watertight according to IPX 7 standards. This means that the device is protected against temporary (30 minutes) immersion. For example, you can wear it during any type of weather, and you do not have to take it off while showering.
    The ACTIVO only has one button. A short press will bring the display to life. Press the button additional times to view: STEP, KCAL, DIST, ACTIV and TIME.
    Press and hold the button to reveal the menu.
    Data is transferred between the ACTIVO and your smartphone via Bluetooth SMART (BLE) technology. BLE is found in Android Smartphones using Android 4.3 or newer, or iPhones starting with the 4s and iOS8 and newer.)
    Establish a connection between your ACTIVO to your ACTIV app through "pairing".
    Once you make the initial connection between your ACTIVO and the ACTIV app (pairing), they will automatically talk with one another. Open the pairing mode from the app's menu and the activity tracker's menu at the same time and they will find one another. That's it.


    The ACTIVO estimates the number of steps that you take each day using a three-axis acceleration sensor. This sensor is capable of detecting even the slightest movements. By wearing the ACTIVO on your wrist, we are able to isolate the movements that are associated with walking and running and translate them into steps.
    The ACTIVO displays the distance that you cover in either kilometers or miles. Distance is calculated using the number of steps taken and the personal information that you entered in the ACTIV app's setting menu (height and stride length). The motion sensor is able to distinguish between walking and running and takes this into account in the calculation. You can improve the accuracy of the ACTIVO by measuring your stride length.
    The ACTIVO displays the estimated number of calories consumed. Calorie consumption is based on your personal data (gender, weight) entered into the ACTIV app settings and your activity levels throughout the day.
    Active Time
    The ACTIVO is able to detect the intensity level of your activities throughout the day. It categorizes your activities as "HIGH", "MID" or "LOW", and it tracks how much time you spent in each level.
    "HIGH" is any continuous movement with at least 20 steps and a step rate above 140 strides per minute (ex. Jogging, running). "MID" is any continuous movment with at least 20 steps and a pace below 140 strides per minute (ex. Normal walking). "LOW" covers all other movements throughout the day.
    Convenient: The ACTIVO shows the time of day, so there is no need to wear a watch in addition to your activity tracker.
    Three Alarms
    You can set 3 different alarms, or reminders, throughout the day. Alarms are set in the ACTIV app.
    Battery Status Indicator
    The ACTIVO's battery status can be seen on both the ACTIVO and in the SIGMA ACTIV app. On the ACTIVO, press and hold the button for 2 seconds to enter the menu mode. Then press the button to scroll through the options until you see "BATTERY".
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