Shutter Precision PD-8 Disc 6-hole dynamo hub 28H black

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  • Shutter Precision PD-8 Disc 6-hole dynamo hub

    Powerful Dynamo Hub
    When powerful is not only powerful !!

    The P-Series dynamo hubs not only provide powerful output, but are also the most efficient on the market attaining 72% at 15km/hr. P -Series dynamo hubs are ideally suited to 26"/700c bikes at 6V3W output. They are very light weight beginning from as low as 390g.
    This is a dream dynamo hub.

    should make life simpler. This innovative hub was devised to render a clean and pure silhouette, attain a low weight and yet demanded a sturdy construction. The hub body was engineered based on two hub shells that rely on an intelligent joining construction. This meticulous design enables the hub to withstand the hefty stresses produced by disc brakes, while preserving a simple, clean and pure appearance. But it is also light. The lightest model we have weights in at a mere 385g. It also has an extraordinary dynamo core built inside. Variety in colors, flexibility in spoke hole configurations and outstanding performance are its advantages for personal, stylish and purpose-built bikes.

    weight 390g
    material Aluminium
    hole number 28H
    Over locknut distance 100mm
    Spoke bolt circle 52mm
    Flange diameter 60mm
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    • Matthew 11/04/2016
      Reliable and smooth through several years of daily use.
      I was a fairly early adopter of this hub and have been running it on my everyday commuter (8 miles each way in the Pacific Northwest i.e. wet and gritty in winter) for several years. Nothing to report, in that it has run perfectly the whole time. I have a Shimano dynamo hub on a different bike, and can feel some vibration from that hub though the handlebars; this is not the case for the PD-8, it's noticeably smoother. Highly recommended.

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    Factory number:112228015
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