Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8070 groupset Road Disc external battery built-in frame type

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    • Cranks
    • Bottom brackets
    • Cassette sprockets
    • Chain
    • Front derailleurs
    • Rear derailleurs
    • cable routing
    • STI
    • Battery
    • Battery recharger
    • Battery holder
    • Y-split cable
    • Junction
    • Wireless sender
    • Pedals
    • Rotor front
    • Rotor rear
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    Shimano Di2 EW-SD50-I cable binder for internal routing+ 5.45 €
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 road groupset (EW-RS910) cable set L (57+ cm) frame+ 98.90 €
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 road groupset (EW-RS910) cable set M (53-56 cm) frame+ 98.90 €
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 road groupset (EW-RS910) cable set S (47-52 cm) frame+ 98.90 €
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 SW-R9150 remote satellite shifters 2/11-speed left+right+ 120.68 €
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    A stunning design. Impressive customization tools.


    The Hollowtech II crankset will help you transfer more power into speed. It offers weight reduction without sacrificing stiffness. It enables a wide range of gear combinations to suit your every need. Paired with the new front and rear derailleurs, your shifts will be so fast and reliable you’ll almost question whether they happened at all! The beautifully shaped crankarm, trickled down from Dura-Ace, is a tribute to the aesthetics of your bike.

    Chain Line: 43,5
    Avarage Weight: 690 g (53-39T), 681 g (52-36T), 674 g (50-34T), 668 g (46-36T)

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    Mechanical shifting

    ST-R8000 Dual control lever

    The new Ultegra dual control lever allows for more accurate and precise shifting. It has a greater reach for adjusting your break and gear levers. The redesigned internal shifting unit ensures a quick and intuitive rear-shifting operation. When paired with the new FD-R8000 front derailleur, your front shifting will be even lighter.

    Avarage Weight: 220g

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    ST-R8020 Dual control lever

    In addition to the benefits of the ST-R8000, the ST-R8020 adds an extra bonus in combination with the hydraulic disc brake: better rider control in all conditions. The small bracket size feels great on the palms and improves the ergonomics.

    Avarage Weight: 550g/pair

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    FD-R8000 Front derailleur

    The FD-R8000 front derailleur provides for ultra-smooth shifting. It flawlessly moves your chain up and down, without extra effort. The result is a shift that is precise and direct, with no delay.

    Top Gear Teeth: 46-53T
    Chain Stay Angle: 61-66
    Chain Line: 43,5
    Average Weight: 92g

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    RD-R8000 Rear derailleur

    The RD-R8000 rear derailleur creates a reduction in shifting effort at the lever, at the same time remaining sure, quick and precise. The groupset offers two specific rear derailleurs: one for cassettes 11-25 and 11-30 and one for cassettes 11-28 and 11-34, securing a smooth ride in even the highest and steepest mountain areas. Due to the integrated Shadow RD Technology with its race-proven, low profile design, the derailleur is more compact and fits closer to the frame, ensuring less damage in a crash.

    Maximum Sprocket: 30T
    Maximum Front Difference: 16T
    Average Weight: 200 g (SS type), 210 g (GS type)

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    Di2 Electronic shifting

    ST-R8050 Dual control lever

    The new Ultegra ST-R8050 dual-control lever allows for more intuitive shifting. A clearer separation between the shift buttons ensures precise shifting, even when wearing thicker gloves. Each switch can be used for multi-shift ON or OFF and top hood buttons can be programmed to control third-party devices. All functions can be customized through the Shimano E-Tube app or PC software.

    Average Weight: 148 g

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    ST-R8070 Dual control lever

    In addition to the benefits of the ST-R8050, the ST-R8070 offers greater rider control in all conditions, due to the hydraulic disc brake. With its minimized bracket size, the ST-R8070 feels great on the palms and improves the ergonomics.

    Average Weight: 180 g

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    FD-R8050Front derailleur

    The new FD-R8050 is redesigned to fit a wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance. Quick and smooth front shifting is guaranteed under all circumstances, even when you’re shifting to the large chainring while riding out of the saddle. Due to SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT the front derailleur will shift automatically when the rear derailleur is shifted, allowing both derailleurs to work together efficiently. With SEMI-SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT it’s the other way around, with the rear derailleur shifting automatically when the front derailleur is shifted, obtaining optimal front/rear gear positioning. At the same time, Di2’s auto-trim feature will automatically centre the front derailleur precisely around the chain, avoiding chain rub as you move the chain across the cassette. This is how fast, precise and smooth your shifting can be.

    Top Gear Teeth: 46-53T
    Chain Stay Angle: 61-66
    Chain Line: 43,5
    Average Weight: 132g

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    RD-R8050Rear derailleur

    The RD-R8050 will help you maintain race concentration through intuitive shift control. The new low-profile design of Shimano Shadow RD increases its shift stability and gives the rear derailleur a sleek and integrated appearance. Race endurance is guaranteed, through the optimized slant angle. The wide compatibility of two specific rear derailleurs (GS and SS) for cassettes 11-25T to 11-30T and 11-28T to 11-34T will secure a smooth ride in even the highest and steepest mountain areas.

    Maximum Sprocket: 30T
    Maximum Front Difference: 16T
    Average Weight: 242 g (SS type), 249 g (GS type)

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    change all Di2 functions and operations through the shifter buttons behind the brake levers, the top hood buttons or satellite buttons for TT/Triathlon, sprinting and climbing. You can easily customize shift speed, multi-shift options and Synchro Shift. You can also reprogram the top hood buttons to control third party-devices, for example to scroll through bike computer menus. The functionality on third-party computers also allows you to display Di2 system information, such as battery level and the gear you’re in.

    Time trial / Triathlon

    ST-R8060 TT/Triathlon Dual Control Lever

    In your race against the clock, you’ll want to shift up or down from an aero position with ease. The Ultegra ST-R8060 TT/Triathlon Dual Control Lever allows you to shift your front and rear derailleurs from the brake levers on your time trial base bar. We have eliminated the switch box to make the design smaller and shorter, thus more aerodynamic. The single button on each side of the shifting lever works with SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT only.

    Average Weight: 138 g/pair

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    SW-R671Remote Triathlon Shifter

    The SW-R671 Remote Triathlon Shifter will mount to any aero extension bar, allowing quick and accurate shifts while in the aero position. The two button design offers excellent control of both the front and rear derailleur. As with all other Di2 shifters you can fine-tune the performance of the SW-R671, using E-Tube to create customized shift maps.

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    CS-R8000 + CS-HG800-11 HG Cassette Sprocket (11-speed)

    Superior choice is at the heart of our rider-tuned philosophy. With gear combinations 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-30T, 11-32T, 12-25T, 14-28T and 11-34T (CS-HG800-11) you’ll have all the options you need to tune your ride.

    Average Weight: 232 g (11-25T), 251 g (11-28T), 269 g (11-30T), 243 g (12-25T), 300 g (14-28T), 292 g (11-32T)

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    CN-HG701-11 Super Narrow HG-X11 Chain (11-speed)

    More efficiency, more silence, less maintenance. That’s what you get from the Super Narrow HG-X11 speed chain, along with smooth and reliable shifting performance.

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    BR-R8000 Dual-Pivot Caliper Brake

    The new BR-R8000 offers a very sleek design, with narrower gaps between the arms. The wider clearance makes it compatible with larger tire sizes such as 28C. The stabilizer between the axles reduces deformation and improves the braking efficiency, offering a clear contact feeling with balanced rigidity, weight and stopping power.

    Average Weight: 182 g (Front) 178 g (Rear)

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    BR-R8010 Direct Mount Caliper Brake

    The new BR-R8010 offers the same beautiful sleek design as the BR-R8000, making it compatible with larger tire sizes such as 28C. The brake mounts of BR-R8010 connect directly to the frame, reducing redundant parts and increasing overall braking performance.

    Average Weight: 174 g/pc

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    BR-R8070 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

    The BR-R8070 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper provides the next stage of control, allowing the rider to exert advanced brake performance in all conditions. Its sleek design integrates seamlessly in your bike’s profile.

    Average Weight: 280 g/pair

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    SM-RT800 Center Lock Disc Brake Rotor
    The SM-RT800 offers superior heat dispersion over current road-disc systems, due to the benefits of the Ice Technologies Freeza.


    Ultegra R8000 Q&A | SHIMANO

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  • Which cable lengths do I need?
    S ( 47-52cm )M ( 53-56cm )L ( 57+ cm )
    Down Tube Wire750 mm800 mm1000 mm
    Front Derailleur Wire350 mm400 mm450 mm
    Rear Derailleur Wire550 mm600 mm650 mm
    Battery Wire350 mm400 mm450 mm
    STI > Junction (2x)350 mm350 mm350 mm
    You need 6 cables in total
    • If you have the battery inside the seatpost just add 50mm to the battery cable
    Here you can find the particular cables
    • It does not matter if internal or external cable routing
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