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Shimano SC-MT800A computer display for XT/Alfine Di2

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  • SC-MT800

    SHIMANO DEORE XT - DI2 System Information Display - E-TUBE - D-Fly Wireless System

    The SHIMANO SC-MT800 serves as a display, charging port, and wireless communication connector for E-TUBE compatible DI2 systems.

    • E-TUBE setting with smart phone/tablet
    • D-FLY compatible

    • System information display with wireless communication


    D-FLY is a wireless data transmitter that easily connects DI2 and SHIMANO STEPS rider performance data with E-TUBE compatible cycle computers.

    Benefits & Features
    • Advanced wireless communication supports a more streamlined and seamless cycling lifestyle.
    • Easier and more convenient wireless connectivity enhances communication between riders and their bikes.

    The E-TUBE platform's “Plug & play” and D-FLY wireless connections make it easier than ever to check the system's status, and apply customized settings to DI2 and SHIMANO STEPS components with a PC, tablet or smart phone.

    Benefits & Features
    • Wirelessly customize functions like SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT over Bluetooth while out on a ride.
    • Automatically checks for firmware updates on each startup to ensure all components are running the latest version.
    • PC, smartphone and tablet applications can help you quickly diagnose errors and simplify the repair process.
    • Beautiful visualization of your real-time SHIMANO STEPS riding data on your smartphone.
    • Advanced all-weather design resists rusting, stretching, and freezing.

    • Weight: 30 g
    • Display Function: Shifting Mode (Manual/SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT), Suspension Mode, Shifting Adjust Mode, Battery charge level
    • Setting Function: Shifting adjust
    • Di2 System Function: Shifting adjust indicator, System diagnosis, Charging port for built-in battery, SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT mode change
    • E-tube port (QTY): 3
    • For Di2 system_Compatible charger: SM-BCR2
    • Wireless system: ANT private*, BluetoothLE

    This article cannot be shipped to countries outside of the European Union and all other countires of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days
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