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Schwalbe PROCORE Set

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  • Nothing stays the same.

    Off road: Riding at lower pressure means better performance ... but at the same time it increases the risk of failures. The limit so far is at about 20 psi, below which it's hardly possible to dare to ride normal MTB tires.

    But nothing stays the same: In the future, air pressure can be controlled in the tire‘s double chambers. In the outer chamber, the air pressure is extremely low - ideal for maximum off road performance. In the inner chamber, directly on the rim, there is high air pressure – even a very strong impact cannot dent the rim edge. At the same time, the inner high-pressure system secures the tire onto the rim. "Burping", the dreaded loss of air at low pressure in conventional tubeless systems, is impossible.

    • Tire pressure can be reduced to a minimum 14 psi, thus providing a huge amount of grip.
    • Even on the roughest terrain tires “stick” to the ground.
    • The tire provides extremely sensitive cushioning.
    • Due to the extra cushioning and traction there is much better steering, braking and traction control.
    • No more risk of snake bites. The rims are extremely well protected from denting.
    • Even in the toughest conditions, significantly lighter tires can be used.
    • Excellent emergency running characteristics due to the internal high-pressure air chamber.

    Procore can be used with any tubeless MTB tire.

    Weighing ca. 200 g per wheel. Compatible with all wheels regardless of brand. Internal rim width of 23mm. Series production is underway.

    Sold as a set of 2 with all necessary components, in order to convert a complete bike. Later on components will also be individually available as replacement parts.
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    • 2x PROCORE inner tubes
    • 2x PROCORE special tubes
    • 2x tubeless rim tapes
    • Doc Blue
    • Tire fitting aids
  • Show all items from SchwalbeSchwalbe is a German bicycle tire manufacturer founded in 1922. The company produces a wide range of tires for different cycling disciplines, including road, mountain, and city biking. Schwalbe is known for its high-quality products, innovative technology, and strong commitment to sustainability.

    One of the key technology innovations introduced by Schwalbe is its “Easy Rolling System”, which uses a unique tread design to reduce rolling resistance and improve efficiency. The company has also invested in developing a range of tires that offer low rolling resistance, improved grip and puncture protection, making them a popular choice among professional and recreational cyclists alike.

    Schwalbe is also committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. The company uses a number of eco-friendly production methods, such as recycling waste materials and reducing the use of chemicals in tire production. Additionally, Schwalbe supports sustainable transportation initiatives, including the promotion of cycling as a sustainable form of transportation.

    Overall, Schwalbe is a respected and trusted name in the cycling community, known for producing high-quality tires that deliver reliable performance and innovative technology.
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