Schmolke TLO seatpost with offset Ø31.6mm 320mm MTB

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  • Schmolke Carbon expands its TLO series with a seatpost that comes with a 10mm setback. It is especially interesting for cyclists that like riding compact frames and want to optimize their position on the bike. The seat position moves further behind the bottom bracket and can lead to an improved power transmission from the rider on the drivetrain.

    Just like all other products of our TLO range our seatpost is manufactured to suit your weight and riding style using the best prepregs available in the market. Its head clamps the saddles rails on eight points. The alloy parts have chamfered edges, which, together with the large supporting carbon fibre surface, ensures that even fragile carbon rails are not unduly stressed. The 5 mm Ti6Al4V titanium screws are waisted extension bolts, strong enough for mountain bike use even.

    The actual tubes highest stressed sections consists of up to 19 layers of extremely thin carbon fibre prepreg, while its less stressed sections are sufficiently strong with as little as 10 layers. Unfortunately this is a complicated design, to complicated for cheap Asian production. Seatpost built to a price in China as a rule come with constant wall-thickness.

    This makes production easy, it also makes the resulting seatpost heavier than necessary. Seatposts in particular require hundreds and hundreds of destruction tests to arrive at the lightest possible solution for every length and diameter without sacrificing the final products strength. We do of course also include riders weight into our design equations; light riders dont need to carry the extra weight of a standard seatpost designed for a user much heavier than they are.

    Weights and sizes of our standard seatposts (10mm offset)
    Total length in mm 250 300 320 350 375 400
    Minimum insert in mm 75 80 80 85 85 90
    Length outside the frame in mm 125-175 160-220 190-240 195-265 230-290 230-310
    Weight 27,2 for road bikes 87 g 89 g 96 g 104 g - -
    Weight 30,9 for road bikes 89 g 95 g 100 g 106 g - -
    Weight 31,6 for road bikes 90 g 97 g 102 g 108 g - -
    Weight 27,2 for MTB - 95 g 100 g 108 g 114 g 119 g
    Weight 30,9 for MTB - 101 g 107 g 114 g 119 g 123 g
    Weight 31,6 for MTB - 103 g 109 g 116 g 122 g 127 g
    Weight 34,9 for MTB - 110 g 116 g 123 g 130 g 135 g

    Our seatposts are reinforced where they are stressed by the seat clamp, hence their range of adjustment is limited. Do not buy a long seatpost to cut it to size. We want to adjust strength and length of your seatpost to your requirements as good as possible; hence we need the seatpost length as measured from the top of the frame to the middle of the saddles rails.

    Longer seatposts require more raw material, therefore we have to charge 495 Euro for the posts longer than 320 mm.
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