Schmolke SL road seatpost 1K Team Edition

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  • The head clamps the saddle at 12 points. In order not to strain sensitive carbon saddle rails excessively, a slight rounding of the aluminium clamping parts and a large carbon bearing surface were developed for these seat posts.
    Due to a carbon fibre layer structure adapted to each length, there are between 10-18 layers of carbon fibre at each point of the seat post. By this method the best possible weight can be reached on the one hand, on the other hand the desired stability can be guaranteed.
    Since normal seatposts are built with the same number of layers at each point, the Schmolke seatposts can score here with a weight advantage. Schmolke guarantees the stability of the support at the specified rider weights through test bench tests for each variant of the support. The Schmolke Carbon seat posts can only be adjusted within a certain range in the frame! So you cannot order a long seat post and saw it off as you like as with simpler models.

    The 6mm titanium bolts are designed in order to withstand MTB loads undamaged.

    Since the load is not quite so strong for racing bike seat posts, a few grams can be saved here in comparison to the MTB seat post with the same configuration.

    Product details
    • Diameter: 27.2mm / 30.9mm / 31.6mm
    • Length: 280mm / 300mm / 350mm
    • Weight: 89g - 149g
    • Material: Carbon
    • Finish: 1K
    • Color option: Team Edition

    SL variant
    SL stands for super light. Schmolke only uses T800 quality fibres for this series, while T300 to T700 quality fibres are commonly used in the industry. In addition, the low weight with the known stability is made possible by the load-bearing layer structure.

    Driver weight
    For stock items and orders without comments, this item is delivered as standard for a maximum driver weight of 75kg to provide our customers with the lightest variant. If your maximum driver weight is to be higher, please specify the maximum driver weight when ordering so that we can supply you with the appropriate item.
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  • Schmolke Color Options

    Many Schmolke products have a Team Edition and a Black Edition.
    They differ only in the colours of the decals.

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