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Schmolke SL 30 tubular wheelset tune hubs

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  • SL 30 Tubular Wheelset

    • SL30T model
    • Rim: 30mm tubular
    • Front Hub: TUNE MIG70
    • Back Hub: TUNE MAG170
    • Spokes: CX Ray 2,0
    • Total weight: ca.1050g


    • Black edition
    • Team edition Red/White
    • White Edition

    What does „SL” stand for?

    „SL” stands for „super light”. We one use T800 quality fibres for this line of products, whereas other manufacturer’s carbon fibre parts usually make do with anything from T300 to T700. In addition to that we know how to build carbon fibre parts, these two factors combined lead to the combination of low weights and reliability we stand for.
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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for Schmolke SL 30 tubular wheelset tune hubs with an average rating of 3/5 points.

    • Sram Etap
      Sram Etap is a really nice group set but it dose have its pros and cons.

      Cons: Slow shifting, not deal a breaker but slow, Also the shifting dose not like to be abused your have to treat it like a baby for it shift properly. shifting from the little to big ring isn't all that great.

      Pros: NO CABLES !! awesome, very light groupo, go for the BB30 set up much lighter and stiffer.

      all in all its okay there is lots of room for much needed improvements mainly with shifting speed and shifting accuracy.

    • SL30T Rims
    • Tune MIG70 Front Hub
    • Tune MIG170 Rear Hub
    • CX Ray 2,0 Spokes
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4 - 6 weeks delivery time

4 - 6 weeks delivery time

4 - 6 weeks delivery time

4 - 6 weeks delivery time

4 - 6 weeks delivery time

4 - 6 weeks delivery time