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ROTOR eKAPIC Brose QF 184mm / Fazua QF 169mm crank arms

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This item is crafted in Spain

    A real eMTB crankset

    It is not just another crankset for eBike, it is a crankset designed by and for eMTB.

    The new dedicated eMTB cranks have evolved the technology, engineering, and design from ROTORís existing range of mountain bike cranks to produce the eKAPIC crankset adapted specifically to e-mountain bikes.

    The lightest

    The eKAPIC is crafted out of forged and CNCíd 6082 aluminum, and features ROTORís Trinity Drilling System, which is a process that drills three full-depth holes along the axis of the crank.

    TDS removes excess material from the crank arm, resulting in a lighter crank without compromising its stiffness-to-weight ratio. As an example, the Fazua-compatible eKAPIC weighs in at 403 grams for 170 mm cranks.

    Narrow Q-factor

    Among its many features, the eKAPIC has one thatís immune to marketing hyperbole: a narrow Q-factor.

    The use of a narrow Q-factor gives you a pedaling position similar to that of a human-powered bicycle, which has been perfected for more than a century. Anyone who has ever suffered problems related to the hips or knees would want to minimize the factors that would lead to further injury.

    The eKAPICís narrow Q-factor allows the rider to go off-road without risking biomechanical damage from awkward pedaling.

    Universal Tooth

    Chainring tooth design has become a fierce competition to patent a design that works flawlessly. Proprietary design however, often requires proprietary chain compatibility, which turned users off. Rather than engage in the battle, ROTOR has chosen to mitigate it with its new Universal Tooth pattern. After a lengthy and complex period of development, ROTOR has created the first chainrings that are 100 percent compatible with all the 1x e-mtb groupsets currently in the market.

    ROTORís Universal Tooth design is compatible with SRAM, Shimano and KMC MTB chains.

    Short Description
    • Crank lenghts available: 165 mm | 170 mm | 175 mm
    • Chainrings sizes: 36T | 34T | 32T (available separately)
    • Weight: 402.5 g (170 mm crank arms)
    • Weight: 103 g (34T chainring)
    • Weight: 8.5 g (lockring)
    • Weight: 16 g (bumper set)
    • Chainring assembly: Direct Mount
    • Chainline: 52 mm
    • Q-Factor: 169 mm
    • Spindle spline: ISIS Drive
    • Included: Crank arms include black bumper set
    • Material: Forged 6082 aluminum CNC machined (crank arms)
    • Material: 7075-T6 CNC Alloy (chainring)
    • Technologies: Alu7075 | CNC | Direct Mount | Trinity Drilling System
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    • Crank arms include spacer & black bumper set
    • Without Chainring
    • Without Bottom Bracket
  • Show all items from ROTORROTOR is a Spanish manufacturer of high-end bicycle components, specializing in chainrings and cranksets. Founded in 1994, the company has a strong reputation in the cycling community for producing some of the most advanced and innovative components available.

    ROTOR's chainrings are known for their unique design, which utilizes a ovalized shape to provide a more uniform distribution of power throughout the pedal stroke. This design has been shown to increase efficiency and reduce stress on the knees, making it a popular choice among cyclists and professional racers alike. ROTOR also offers a range of chainring options, including those designed specifically for road, triathlon, and mountain biking.

    The company's cranksets are similarly renowned, featuring lightweight and strong construction, with an emphasis on stiffness for improved power transfer. ROTOR offers cranksets in a range of lengths and materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber, to suit a variety of riding styles and preferences.

    In addition to its top-of-the-line components, ROTOR is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. The company uses recycled materials in its products and has implemented a closed-loop production system to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

    Overall, ROTOR is a highly respected and sought-after brand in the cycling world, known for its cutting-edge design, high-quality materials, and commitment to sustainability. Whether you're a serious cyclist or simply looking to upgrade your ride, ROTOR is a brand worth considering.
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