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ROTOR Directmount double chainring oval for 2INPower DM/INPower DM/Aldhu/Aldhu24/Vegast black matt

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This item is crafted in Spain
  • Q RINGS DM Oval Chainrings

    Our new one-piece Q RINGS oval direct mount chainrings include refined OCP Mount technology so you can now adjust your optimal chainring position by precise one degree increments.

    Q RINGS oval direct mount chainrings are machine CNC’d from single blocks of ultralight aeronautic-grade 7075 aluminum. The integrated configuration means a simplified lightweight solution without compromising on durability. With fewer individual parts we’ve shaved precious grams off the component weight and focused on delivering you ease of assembly and maintenance. The unique design of the teeth provides a consistently fast and precise gear shift in the most challenging of cycling conditions.

    Why Q-Rings?
    Q-Rings are ovalized chainrings designed to reduce the negative effects of the “dead spots” during a pedal rotation. Because of their oval shape, Q-Rings boost cycling performance by varying drivetrain resistance during pedaling inline with the legs’ natural strengths and weaknesses.

    How do they work?
    The way Q-Rings work is, by orienting the narrowing diameter of the oval to the weakest point of the pedal stroke and the widening diameter to the strongest point of the pedal stroke, you can take full advantage of the most-productive part of your pedal rotation (while lessening time spent in the least-productive part).

    What does the OCP system do?
    OCP represents the different setup positions that ROTOR Q-Rings offer to fit a rider’s distinct pedaling style. Q-Rings feature up to 5 OCP´s, with OCP 3 as an intermediate starting point, all to optimize your pedaling style. OCP is intended to ensure an ideal chainring orientation with respect to how you pedal your bike.

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    • 1 x ROTOR Directmount 2x Chainring
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days

IN STOCK (only 1 left in stock)