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  • Axleplates
    To support the enormous torque

    The various axleplates serve the purpose of anchoring the torque reaction to the frame. The axle of an IGH will always attempt to rotate whilst under load. To ensure the torque is anchored sufficiently to the various types of frames available, there is a choice of three different types of axleplates.

    These three axleplate variations are only suited for use with the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Models "CC" and "TS" respectively.

    a) Standard axleplate with long torque arm.
    b) OEM axleplate for frames with special Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 dropouts.
    c) OEM2 axleplate for all frames with International Standard (IS2000) disc brake caliper mounts


    Axle Plate CC
    Item Number: 8232

    Standard axle plate in conjunction with a long torque arm.

    Axle Plate CC OEM
    Item Number: 8234

    Axle Plate CC OEM2
    Item Number: 8227

    Axle Plate CC PM
    Item Number: 8225

    The Rohloff PM axle plate in combination with the PM Bone enables mounting on frames with disc brake mount according to the Post Mount Direct standard.
    The use of the PM Bone and the PM axle plate has not been tested for tandem use and has therefore not been approved for this purpose!

    Axle Plate TS
    Item Number: 8233

    Axle Plate TS Long
    Material number: 8233L

    Axle Plate TS OEM
    Item Number: 8235

    Axle Plate TS OEM Long
    Material number: 8235L

    Axle Plate TS OEM2
    Item Number: 8228

    Axle Plate TS OEM2 Long
    Material number: 8228L

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