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RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost MMX (right upper/left lower)

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  • Reverb Stealth

    We’ve taken the RockShox Reverb family to new heights, recently with Reverb AXS, and now with the new Reverb Stealth. Redesigned internals provide effortless actuation and increased reliability featuring new Vent Valve Technology. With reduced overall post lengths and new travel options, riders of all shapes and sizes benefit from more travel than ever before. The new Reverb Stealth redefines what it means to simply go up and down.

    • NEW Features Vent Valve Technology for super simple service if the need arises
    • NEW Travel options 175mm and 200mm
    • NEW Shorter overall post length
    • Stealth Internal cable routing
    • Standard and 1X remote options

    This version includes the standard remote

    Model ID: SP-RVB-S-C1


    Bleeding Edge
    With this new caliper fluid circuitry, the bleed port has been moved to the bottom of the caliper, and all four piston bores can communicate. This way, during bleeding fluid naturally fills the caliper, resulting in an easier, more consistent bleed.

    Connectamajig is the coupling hose that makes initial set-up of hydraulic systems easy, fast and convenient. The intimidation of hydraulics is gone with a push and a twist; it’s just that easy. Connectamajig allows for several disconnects and reconnects before a system bleed is required.

    Vent Valve Technology
    We don’t want you to have to use it, which is why we’ve created the most robust seatpost to date. We also know, sometimes the inevitable happens. Over time, air and oil may mix resulting in that annoying post “squish” and the need for additional service. Vent Valve Technology allows you to do this simple service within a few steps without disassembly of the post. Simply depress the Vent Valve, compress the post, and you’re good to go.

    • Post diameter: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
    • Travel: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm
    • Post length: 301mm, 351mm, 414mm, 467mm, 519.5mm
    • Remote: 1X, Standard (L-Below, R-Above)
    • Connection type: Connectamajig, Standard
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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost MMX (right upper/left lower) with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • perfect the best
    • 1x RockShox Reverb Stealth
    • Incl. Bleeding kit
    • Incl. Cable mounting kit
    • Incl. Torx key and Connectamajig
    • Incl. Matchmaker X clamp
    • Incl. Remote top right / bottom left
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days

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ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days

ready for sending in 1-3 business days

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