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Prologo New Nago Evo CPC Tirox black

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  • Size (mm) 278 x 134 / 278 x 141
    Weight (gr) 228 / 235
    Base Carbonfiber Injection
    Rail Tirox
    Cover Microfiber+CPC
    Padding Lightfoam

    Tirox rails
    Rail light-alloy steel, highly resistant to traction, and torsion, for its physical characteristics and light weight, is used in the aviation and aerospace
    industry. T-Irox then turns out to be a rail with a good balance between weight and strength, that doesn’ t fear the normal stress that addresses a bicycle.

    What is the CPC technology?
    How does CPC work?
    Shock absorption
    Thanks to the stratigically placed polymer-shaped volcanos, the elasticity absorbs all shocks and vibrations resulting from the "Roads".
    The CPC polymer
    The CPC is a special 3D Polymer by the long chain molecular aggregation. It differs from all other polymers present on the market as it has the ability to absorb shock and vibration, and it willnot lose its main features over time, ensuring its effectiveness in any weather conditions for a long time.
    Vibration absorption
    The CPC with its Nano-structures, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissue stress, shock, vibration and oscillation that results from continuous pedaling, this reduces muscle fatigue,
    improving recovery time after riding.
    Grip and position
    The CPC ensures perfect grip and positioning. The "design of the material CPC (multiple empty cylinders), it creates a "vacum effect", ensuring a perfect posture and better aerodynamics.
    There are many advantages for the athlete: aerodynamics', increases power while improving performance and comfort.
    Air cooling
    The CPC allows a continuous flow of air, improving comfort and performance in all weather conditions.
    Massaging and manipulation
    Thanks to this special material, CPC system uses the kinetic power produced by the athlete to stimulate blood flow and eliminate tingling or numbness. It therefore benefits the nerves and tendons by helping to avoid tunnel carpal syndrome.
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