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Pedros Toothbrush sprocket brush

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  • Pedro's Toothbrush is designed to tackle the drivetrain and is ideal for cleaning chains, cogs, derailleurs, and chainrings. The ergonomic handle is paired with two purpose built brush features. The tapering length bristles up front are designed to scrub the intricate surfaces of chains, chainrings and cassettes while at the opposite end, longer, stiffer, larger-diameter bristles reach deep between the cassette cogs removing even the deepest dirt and grime.
    The Pedro's Toothbrush can also be a great tool for applying degreaser to drivetrain parts. While holding the Toothbrush flat with the bristles out to the side, pour degreaser to the bristles. Then quickly move the toothbrush to the drivetrain and apply the degreaser using a light scrubbing motion.

    • Durable double-ended brush Ideal for chains, cogs, derailleurs, and chainrings
    • Recommended for use with Pedro's cleaner and degreaser products
    • Solvent resistant synthetic handle and bristles
    • Not recommended for oral use
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