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NoTubes ZTR Grail Pro CB7 wheel Stan's Neo Ultimate front 15x100mm

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  • Grail CB7 Pro Wheel

    • Incredibly light 300g rim design optimized for tubeless tires and disc brakes
    • RiACT rim shape and carbon lay-up absorbs vibrations to give you the best ride possible
    • 21.6mm internal rim width for more stability and control with all tires
    • Tubeless ready with rim tape and valves installed
    • Quick-engaging, lightweight Neo hubs with Speedsync
    • Sapim Laser J-bend spokes with Secure Lock alloy nipples
    • Patented BST tubeless rim inflates easier and offers a more secure tire fit
    • Register your wheels for 5-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement
    • Available for Shimano/SRAM, SRAM XDR, and Campagnolo cassettes
    • Optimized for lower pressure 25-40mm disc road, gravel, and cyclocross tires
    • Available in custom colors and axle configurations through our custom wheelset builder

    Today’s rides demand a new breed of wheel, one as fast on paved above category climbs as it is on 200 miles of gravel. Designed from the ground up to optimize lower pressure tubeless tires and disc brakes, the Grail CB7 combines the best characteristics of an ultralight road wheelset with new levels of stability, control, comfort, and durability.

    Today’s road and gravel tires have evolved. Yesterday’s slow-rolling 23mm tires and energy-robbing extreme air pressures have been replaced with wider, faster, and more comfortable tire designs. The Grail CB7 is the first rim built specifically around this new breed of tire. The BST tubeless rim design of the Grail CB7 has a maximum tire pressure of 85psi (5.9 bar), offering incredible performance for 28-40mm road and gravel tires. Above all else, the new Grail CB7 proves that smoother is faster by combining lateral stiffness with the softest riding feel of any wheelset. That special ride is about more than just comfort. Decreased resistance from road impacts and less shoulder and arm fatigue means more power to the pedals and a faster rolling wheelset.

    The Grail CB7 is one of the lightest road wheelsets ever made, thanks in large part to its purpose-built 300g carbon rim. Designed to take full advantage of disc brakes and tubeless tires, the incredibly short sidewalls of the Grail CB7 put material only where it’s necessary, lowering weight and enhancing ride quality. The result is outstanding acceleration and a serious advantage on climbs.

    The Grail CB7’s WideRight 21.6mm internal width and impact-absorbing RiACT design make sure all that speed is matched by stability and control. Wider rolls faster, and the shape of the Grail CB7 rim is designed to work with the shape of your tires, creating a wider and more stable base that improves both speed and stability in the corners. Stan’s radial impact-absorbing carbon technology (RiACT) combines a more compliant low-profile rim shape with a special carbon lay-up process to create a rim that better absorbs vibrations and distributes impacts. The Grail’s incredibly short sidewalls and RiACT technology allow for low tire pressures without the fear of pinch flatting a tire or damaging a rim, offering decreased rolling resistance and peace of mind in all conditions, everywhere you ride. The added width and RiACT technology of the Grail CB7 mean stability and control for intuitive handling both on the road and off.

    One of the biggest advantages of a tubeless wheel is the ability to seal flats almost instantly while you ride. With five patents on tubeless rim design (and counting), Stan’s NoTubes is the leader in tubeless innovation, and nothing beats the durability, convenience, and performance of our Bead Socket Technology. The Grail CB7 provides the amazing traction and control only a Stan’s tubeless system can offer, along with the ability to seal flats while you ride. Tubeless is the future of performance for road and gravel wheels. With the Grail CB7 wheelset, that future is here.
    Note: Fork and hub damage can result from improper end cap use. Many road, gravel, and cyclocross forks use 12mm end caps. Our wheels ship with 15mm end caps installed and include separate 12mm end caps. Please confirm what end caps are needed for your bike and swap if necessary. If you've ridden your bicycle with improper end caps installed, please have it inspected by a professional mechanic before continued use.

    Rim Internal Width:21.6mm Rim Weight:300g
    Rim External Width:26.4mm Wheelset Weight:1277g
    Rim Depth:19.3mm Front Wheel:570g
    Spokes:Sapim Laser Black 1.8/1.5/1.8mm Rear Wheel:707g
    Nipples:Sapim Secure Lock Alloy Black ERD:602mm
    Hub:Neo Ultimate with Speedsync ETRTO:622x21.6
    Hole Count:24-hole, 28-hole ISO:700cx26.4mm
    Rim Material:Carbon Tape:25mm
    Rim Color:Black Max Spoke Tension:105kgf (1030N)
    Hub Color:Black Max Pressure with 25mm Tire:5.8 Bar (85psi)
    Brakes:Disc Only Max Pressure with 32mm Tire:4.8 Bar (70psi)
    Valve: 35mm Black Alloy Presta Max Pressure with 40mm Tire:3.7 Bar (55psi)
    Max Rider Weight: 86kilo (190lbs)


    Three times stiffer than our aluminum rims laterally, but absorbs radial impacts to withstand bigger hits and roll faster.

    Our WideRight profile increases tire volume without negatively affecting tread shape or sidewall height.

    BST rims are designed to match the shape of your tire's bead to create a safer and more secure air tight interface.

    Our race-proven Neo hubs with Durasync & Neo Ultimate hubs with Speedsync offer the durability and faster engagement to handle today's most difficult trails and more aggressive riding style.
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    • Incl. Tubeless Rim Tape and Valve
    • WITHOUT Wheel-Bag
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