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  • The Grail CB7 rim combines an incredibly light 300g weight with the stability, control, and reliability of the most trusted tubeless system. Today’s road and gravel tires have evolved. Yesterday’s slow-rolling 23mm tires and energy-robbing extreme air pressures have been replaced with wider, faster, and more comfortable tire designs. The Grail CB7 is the first rim built specifically around this new breed of tire.
    Designed for disc brakes and tubeless tires, the Grail CB7’s patented low-profile rims increase strength while reducing weight. Taking full advantage of today’s larger volume, lower pressure tubeless tires, the rim shape and carbon lay-up of the Grail CB7 allow for outstanding lateral stiffness while offering the softest riding feel of any rim. The BST tubeless rim design of the Grail CB7 has a maximum tire pressure of 85psi (5.9 bar), offering incredible performance for 28-40mm road and gravel tires. Less shoulder and arm fatigue and decreased rolling resistance mean more speed and longer distances. Whether you’re on pavement, gravel, or the cyclocross course, the Grail CB7 is smoother and faster.

    One of the biggest advantages of a tubeless wheel is the ability to seal flats almost instantly while you ride. With five patents on tubeless rim design (and counting), Stan’s NoTubes is the leader in tubeless innovation, and nothing beats the durability, convenience, and performance of our Bead Socket Technology. Across asphalt, gravel, and dirt, the Grail CB7’s rim provides the amazing traction and control only a Stan’s tubeless systems can offer, along with the ability to seal flats while you ride. On the pavement, the gravel, or in the dirt, the Grail CB7’s tubeless design offers peace of mind in all conditions, wherever you ride.
    The WideRight 21.6mm internal width and impact-absorbing RiACT design of the Grail CB7 rim makes sure speed and reliability are matched by stability and control. The width of the Grail CB7 rim creates a more stable base for your tries, improving both speed and cornering stability. The Grail CB7 rim is constructed using our radial impact-absorbing carbon technology (RiACT) that combines a more compliant lower-profile rim shape with a special carbon lay-up process to absorb vibrations and distribute impacts. But the rim’s short sidewalls and RiACT technology don’t just contribute to a more comfortable and faster ride. For gravel and cyclocross racers, this rim shape also allows for lower tire pressure without the fear of pinch flatting a tire or damaging a rim. Combined with the reliability of a self-sealing tubeless tire, the Grail CB7 provides the stability and control for intuitive handling both on the road and off. One of the lightest and fastest road rims made, the Grail CB7 also gives you the confidence to ride beyond the pavement.

    • Incredibly light 300g rim design optimized for tubeless tires and disc brakes
    • RiACT rim shape and carbon lay-up absorbs vibrations to give you the best ride possible
    • 21.6mm internal rim width for more stability and control with all tires
    • Tubeless ready to self-seal punctures while you ride
    • Patented BST-R tubeless rim inflates easier and offers a more secure tire fit
    • Register your rims for warranty and lifetime crash replacement
    • Optimized for 25-40mm disc road, gravel, and cyclocross tires
    • Rim Internal Width: 21.6mm
    • Rim External Width: 26.4mm
    • ETRTO: 622x21.6
    • ISO: 700cx26.4mm
    • Rim Depth: 19.3mm
    • Tape: 25mm
    • Hole Count: 24-hole, 28-hole
    • Valve: Presta
    • Rim Color: Black
    • Max Spoke Tension: 125KgF/1225N
    • Material: Carbon
    • Max Pressure with 25mm Tire: 85psi
    • Max Pressure with 32mm Tire: 70psi
    • Max Pressure with 40mm Tire: 55psi
    • Brakes: Disc only
    • ERD: 602mm

    Rim Weight: 300g [/list]
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