No Quarter Full Detailing Kit 8 piece cycle detailing kit

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  • No Quarter Full Detailing Kit

    The complete No Quarter 8 piece cycle detailing kit.

    Whether you’ve purchased a new bike or need products to clean your existing bike, our complete detailing kit has everything you need to detail your bike. Decontamination products and tools for primary cleaning, wax and wax application tools for secondary protection and enhancement.

    We’ve made ‘How To’ videos on this site, showing you everything you need to know about detailing your bike.

    Shampoo – highly concentrated! specifically designed to be kind to your bike.
    Strong enough to dislodge mud, salt, grit, light oil and general contaminants from your bike.
    A little goes a very long way! 4 capfuls is enough to wash your bike. This shampoo produces a lot of foam. The smell is amazing…

    Wax – our custom Carnauba based wax is the perfect product for protecting your frame and components.
    Apply a small amount to your bike with the provided wax applicator foam. Not only will it enhance the finish of your bike, it’ll also make future cleaning
    and maintenance much easier. This product also smells amazing (smells of wild fruits)

    Microfibre cloths – we’ve included two of them! One for drying your bike after using No Quarter shampoo and the other for wax removal.

    Detailing brush – the perfect tool for agitating dirt in those hard to reach places. The brush is also very easy to clean grit, dirt and oil from, meaning you won’t spread it around your bike, causing scratches and swirls to your paint.

    Fine pore detailing sponge – a high-quality fine pore sponge that soaks up the dirt. All you have to do is rinse it in the bucket to remove all the dirt and contaminants and it’s good to go again.

    Waterproof pouch – Perfect for storing your cherished kit safe and clean for its next use.

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    Cycling Weekly

    For more ‘How To’ videos click here
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