Mcfk MTB 29er wheel disc 6-hole front 25mm Tune Princess Skyline 28H

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  • Please note that the pictures show the tune King/Kong option

    We produce all wheels in Leipzig. This guarantees that distances are short and a high level of transparency is maintained. The wheels are manufactured manually in an elaborate process with meticulous perfection by our wheel specialist. Before shipment, each wheel is checked again. Perfect true running and the uniform tension of all spokes are of particular importance.

    The asymmetrical profile of our rims ensures that the spoke tension is nearly the same on the right and on the left sides. Special attention is also paid to the homogeneous tension of all spokes of each side. The more homogeneous the tension is, the longer is the life of the wheel. No spoke is loaded more or less than, for example, the next spoke in the wheel – the risk of spoke failure is near zero. The concentricity of a wheel is not less important. It is responsible for the straight running ability and the stability of cycling.

    Our production of wheels focuses on all these requirements which are made on a perfect wheel today. Besides, repeated pressure tests during manufacture ensure that the nipples make a perfect sit in the preformed nipple seat and the spoke bends it the spoke hole of the hub flange. All aspects that we apply in the manufacture of a wheel set result in a high-stability product for great cycling experience and the pleasure of using it for a long time.

    tune Prince/Princess hubs
    The new straight flanges allow the drive and braking forces to be directly transmitted to the hub body via the spokes. This results in a very direct driving feeling and perfect acceleration.

    The Prince/Princess straightpull hub is intended for use in cross country and marathon, but is also ideal for light racing bikes and crossers with disc brakes. The straight spokes without bends are very resistant to broken spokes and thus guarantee a long and stress-free wheel life.

    The construction prevents any bearing jamming due to adjustable play, even with the hardest clamping.

    Material: carbon prepreg
    Braking system: disc only
    Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
    Nippeles: Sapim Polyax
    Rim finish: UD matte / 3K matte
    Hub color: black
    Spoke color: black
    Nipple color: black
    Tire: Tubeless, Tubeless Ready, foding tires, wired tires
    Max. rider/system weight: 125kg
    Weight: from 612g
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