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  • Mavic Crossmax Pulse
    Fast & Light

    Whether you’re competing at races or exploring the wilderness, cross-country riding requires components that make you light and fast on the bike in all situations.

    This brand new XC tyre has been a long time in development. We wanted it to offer all the same benefits as our benchmark Crossmax SL Pro wheel: to be fast and light, but also more than just a ‘race day only’ product.

    Fast and efficient rolling
    This is essential for cross-country, so we’ve made the tyre with an X-mix dual compound (55/50) so the softer side knobs give you the extra confidence to keep your cornering speed high. The 2.1" tyre is also designed to work best on the Crossmax SL Pro rim, and the combination offers the ultimate mix of fast rolling and cornering grip.

    Support for any race or trail
    To save weight, Crossmax Pulse has no extra protection layer – but it doesn’t need it, as the casing is thick enough to stay robust and support you in any race or on any trail. And the UST Tubeless Ready casing (air tight with sealant) delivers weight saving, comfort, grip and traction as well as a reduced risk of flats.

    With its 2.1" wide casing, ideal for comfort and low rolling resistance, Crossmax Pulse is available in 27.5" and 29", with either Yellow Ltd or Grey graphics to match the Crossmax SL wheel.

    Fast rolling
    • Low profile rolling tread for improved efficiency
    • Hardened compound on rolling tread offer less resistance
    • Light weight helps fast accelerations

    Grip & Traction
    • To offer high performance, a tyre must transfer all the power to the ground
    • Higher side knobs bring cornering grip and confidence
    • X-mix dual coumpound (55/50) with softer sideknobs offers grip while maintaining the rolling efficiency to a maximum

    • Lighter weight casing
    • Low profile knobs help keeping wheight to a minimum
    • UST Tubeless Ready

    UST Tubeless Ready
    Traction, control and lightweight
    The UST concept improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and flats.
    The 'tubeless ready' construction results in a lighter tyre for improved performance.
    • Benefits of UST: traction, control, comfort
    • Tubeless Ready: lighter construction, perfectly air tight with the use of sealant
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