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  • Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST

    Even faster, thanks to UST.

    Road wheelsets are delivered as Wheel-Tyre system

    Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST is the pinnacle of carbon clincher wheels as itís both incredibly light and aerodynamic, but also because it excels in an area that most of our competitors ignore: strength and durability. Itís these qualities that make it ideal for going fast on all terrain, whether on the flat or up and down long mountain passes.

    The problem with carbon clincher rims

    Heat dissipation: Itís very difficult to combine carbon rims and a high-pressure clincher tire in one reliable, lightweight package, because braking generates temperatures of up to 200įC, which carbon canít dissipate. During 2015 Etape du Tour, Mavicís neutral assistance serviced 100 wheels, 38 of those where carbon clinchers from our competitors.

    Introducing our one-piece carbon rim contour

    After years of experimentation and innovation we can now make a rim bed contour thatís achieved with no post-machining of the fibers. Instead our rim is finished with layers of continuous carbon fiber to achieve a unique one-piece rim contour straight out of the mold. This technique has some very clear benefits:

    Superior heat management: Once the rim layup is ready, we use a proprietary curing process so the resin solidifies and the Tg properties are set. Our rims can withstand temperatures of up to 200įC, which represents the most extreme strain and is rarely seen in real world conditions. We call this our refined iTgMax technology and itís designed to give you complete trust and confidence. 100% of our rims are tested before going to market.
    Best braking performance: To get the most efficient braking and heat management, you need an extremely consistent brake track. Our unique molding process and laser machining achieves nearly zero surface variations and offers the shortest braking distances in both dry and wet conditions with superior feel and consistency. Patented!

    Super light, wide and aerodynamic: The finished product is a superlight rim (only 450g per rim) meaning low inertia and a super dynamic ride with snappy acceleration and precise handling. The rims are wide (19mm internal) for low rolling resistance, great traction and good comfort. And they offer the best aerodynamic performance in their category thanks to a precise NACA profile (40mm deep/25mm wide) for low drag and high crosswind stability. Laced with our patented aero spokes for unmatched aerodynamic efficiency.

    Finished with the perfect wheel-tire system.

    Cosmic Pro Carbon SL now gets all the benefits of the UST Tubeless technology: low rolling resistance, improved comfort, reduced punctures and ease of use thanks to our Yksion Pro UST tyre.
    These unique rims attach to hubs that feature our new light, fast engagement Instant Drive 360 freewheel system.



    Freewheel: Shimano/Sram or Campagnolo, convertible to XD-R with optional driver body
    Rear axle: Quick Release only
    Front axle: Quick Release only


    Tyre 700x25: 260 grams
    Pair without tyre: 1450 grams
    Front without tyre: 645 grams
    Rear without tyre: 805 grams


    Front : adjustable sealed cartridge bearings (QRM+), Rear : auto adjust sealed cartridge bearings (QRM Auto)
    Freewheel: Instant Drive 360
    Front and rear bodies: aluminum
    Axle material: aluminum

    Intended Use

    For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels don't exceed 120kg, bike included
    ASTM CATEGORY 1 : road only
    Max. Pressure tubeless: 25mm 6 bars - 87 PSI, 28mm 5 bars - 70 PSI. Max pressure tubetype: 25/28mm 7,7 bars - 110 PSI
    Recommended tyre sizes: 25 to 32 mm


    ETRTO size: 622x19TC Road
    Material: 3K carbon fibers
    Brake track: carbon with iTgMAX technology
    Drilling: traditional
    Internal width: 19 mm
    Height: 40 mm
    Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
    Tyre: UST Tubeless and tubetype


    Shape: straight pull, aero, double butted
    Count: front 18, rear 24
    Nipples: aluminum, ABS
    Material: steel
    Lacing: front radial, rear Isopulse


    Front and Rear Tread: 11 Storm single compound
    Yksion Pro UST
    UST Tubeless Ready
    Dimension: 25-622 (700x25c)
    Breaker: Polyamide, from bead to bead
    Casing: 127 TPI

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