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Manitou R7 Pro suspension fork tapered 15x110 mm Hexlock 27.5'+/29er

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  • Light enough to please the weight weenies, stiff enough to smash the jump lines, and reliable enough to do it every day of the week. The all new R7 Pro is down for whatever.

    • Weight: 1648g (27.5+/29")
    • Offset: 44/51OS (27.5+/29")
    • Ride Height: 485-525mm (27.5+/29")
    • Travel: 80-120mm Internally adjustable in 10mm increments
    • Spring: Dorado Air w/ IVA
    • Compression Damping: VTT Pro
    • Rebound Damping: Half Cartridge adjustable TPC
    • Adjustments: Air, Rebound, 3-position Compression (Open, Trail, Lock) with Open Mode Adjust, IVA position
    • Steerer: 1.5" Tapered
    • Crown Forged Aluminum, Deep Hollow Bore Silver
    • Leg Diameter: 32mm
    • Leg Material: 7000Series Butted Wall Aluminum
    • Brake Post Mount: 160mm (203mm Max)
    • Axle: 15mm x110mm Hexlock
    • Max Tire Size: 77mm (27.5+), 68mm (29)
    • Options: QR15, Fender Kit, Remote Lockout
    • E-Pac: No

    VTT Pro Variable Terrain Tune
    Adjustments: 3-Position Compression Adjust With Open Mode Adjust

    When developing the VTT Pro damper we set out with a goal to maintain a rock-solid lockout without compromising the open and mid settings. The downside to many dampers with firm lockout modes is that in any other position than lock-out you will reach some critical shaft velocity that choke off the low-speed flow path. When this happens the damper peaks at nearly the same lock-out force as the locked-out position. This translates to harsh force in the hands and possibly lack of control. The goal with VTT is to eliminate that high-speed spike while maintaining the lock-out force demanded by most XC users. This allows the fork to have a less progressive high-speed response while maintaining some low-speed support without getting wollowy. This is achieved thru independent shimstacks (one for Lockout, one for the other two positions). By controlling the shim stack through which the oil flow is diverted we can manipulate the characteristic of the damper to be Lock-out, Digressive, or progressive to meet the demands of the rider and terrain.

    Dorado Air
    New for 32mm chassis we are adapting our proven Dorado Air to fit the needs of shorter travel riders. The Manitou Dorado Air spring system contain a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feel. For R7 we have tuned the volumes in each chamber to give ideal support and feel for shorter travel. Also included on the air leg is our Incremental Volume Adjust (IVA). The IVA modifies the volume in the positive air chamber with a set of self-contained spacers which dictate the fixed position of the IVA piston. This self-contained volume reduction system allows greater ramp-up change than conventional adjustment systems without the need for additional parts.

    When developing the chassis of any Manitou fork our primary goal is finding the perfect balance of weight, stiffness, and reliability. Thanks to our Reverse Arch we are able to position the arch further away from the axle. The lower tire clearance behind the fork relative to the center of the axle allows for a shorter arch which yields 13% increased stiffness compared to a conventional forward arch fork of the equivalent weight. Because of this we are able to use 32mm stanchions to save weight while keeping stiffness closer to that of a larger stanchion fork with a forward facing arch.
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