Manitou Mattoc 3 Pro suspension fork 27.5'/650B/29er QR15mm Boost 100mm

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  • Performance benchmark for mountain bikers There are good reasons the Mattoc is the performance benchmark for MTB riders worldwide: Unparalleled adjustability, supreme dampening performance, and Manitou’s renowned reliability. We’ve upgraded that winning formula to include low-friction dust seals that improve bump sensitivity, and IRT air spring adjustability that creates a plush beginning stroke with excellent mid-stroke support. And, a Comp-level Performance package brings Mattoc performance to even more riders.

    • Weight Lb / grams: 4 Lbs / 1809g (27.5" BOOST); 4.2 Lbs / 1892g (27.5" Non-BOOST); 4.5 Lbs / 2033g (27.5+/29", 29+)
    • Travel: 100mm (adjustable 80-100mm); 120mm (adjustable 120-140mm); 160mm (adjustable 140-170mm)
    • Spring: Dorado Air
    • Bottom Out: Hydraulic Bottom Out, Rubber Bumper
    • Steerer: 1.5” Taper Only
    • Crown: Deep-Hollow Forged Aluminum
    • Offset: 44mm (27.5"); 48mm (27.5+/29"); 51mm (29+)
    • Compression Damping: MC
    • Rebound Damping: Adjustable TPC Cartridge
    • Adjustments: Low-speed Compression; Damping High-speed Compression Damping; Hydraulic Bottom Out; Rebound Damping; Beginning-stroke Air Pressure; Middle/End-stroke Air Pressure
    • Leg Diameter: 34mm
    • Leg Material: 7050 Butted Aluminum
    • Wheel Size: 27.5"; 27.5+/29"; 29+
    • Brake: Post Mount 180mm
    • Axle: Hexlock SL 15mm
    • Crown to Axle: 549mm (27.5" BOOST); 555mm (27.5" non-BOOST); 509mm (27.5+/29" 100mm travel); 529 (27.5+/29" 120mm travel); 531mm (29+ 100mm travel); 551mm (29+ 120mm travel)
    • Colors: Matte Black

    Introducing the Mattoc from Thirsty Boy on Vimeo.

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    • snah Sklar 08/05/2020
      Irt system is the best!!!!
      VERY plush. The two air chambers enable you to have a much smoother ride, since one has lower air pressure than you usually would have, and the other one higher, giving it a steeper and easily tunable ramp control.

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