MAGURA TS8 R 120 DLO with Remote white 15mm thru-axle tapered 27.5'

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  • Stiffer. Lighter. Easier. Feel the difference! The outstanding features of our new products are low maintenance and reliability.

    TS8 R 150 26" | M15 mm | DLO³
    TS8 R 150 27,5"/650B | M15 mm | DLO³
    TS8 R 140 29" | M15 mm | DLO³

    The new DLO³ has an innovative, ergonomic adjuster knob for three different damping settings:
    Open Mode

    The fork operates with optimal response and utilizes the full travel.

    Firm Mode

    Designed for aggressive riding styles with reduced sensitivity – “ready to race”. The damping is firmer.

    Lockout Mode

    Blow-off function included.

    TS8 R 120/100 26" | M15 mm | DLO²
    TS8 R 120/100 26" | 9 mm | DLO²
    TS6 120/100 26" | 9 mm | DLO² ohne Remote
    TS8 R 120/100 27,5" | M15 mm | DLO²
    TS8 R 120/100 27,5" | 9 mm | DLO²
    TS6 100 27,5" | 9 mm | DLO² ohne Remote
    TS8 R 120/100/80 29" | M15 mm | DLO²
    TS6 100 29" | M15 mm | DLO² ohne Remote

    DLO² / DLO² Without REMOTE
    Dynamic Lock Out

    The lockout system for TS8 and TS6 suspension forks with a Blow-off function and optimized damping. Operated manually (TS6) or with the handlebar remote (TS8 R).

    Open Mode

    Maximum sensitivity.

    Close Mode

    No bouncing during out-of-the-saddle pedalling.

    Without Remote:

    New travels: 100 mm, 120 mm
    Travel can be changed internally.
    PM 6" Disc-mount (7" for TS6 100 29" | M15 mm)
    Same structure as TS8 R
    Lower leg-options: Disc-only or Canti-Disc

    TS8 SL 100 26" | 9 mm

    Albert SL
    The suspension fork for the XC Racer. Ultra-light suspension fork that gets back to the essentials. Race orientated through and through.

    New Features for all forks 2014

    Reduction of friction: new bushings / improved seals
    Improved damping characteristics depending on the application

    TS8 eLECT 100 29" | M15 mm | eLECT
    TS8 eLECT 100 27,5" | 9 mm | eLECT
    TS8 eLECT 100 26" | 9 mm | eLECT

    The electronically controlled lockout function for TS8 suspension forks. eLECT locks the fork automatically depending on the riding situation, yet the entire system is 15 g lighter than the mechanical DLO².
    Automatic mode

    The 3D acceleration sensor registers gradients and shocks with its free-fall and motion detection functions.

    Manual mode

    The lockout function is controlled independently using the wireless remote. The remote unit can be mounted to the MT brake lever either directly or with a handlebar clamp.

    Operating time

    40 hours in automatic mode, 60 hours in manual. A micro-USB charging port is provided.
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    We solely sell retail-packaged MAGURA brakes.
    Factory number:2700313
    Discontinued model/sale!
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