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    3 patents for one pedal… LOOK has devoted all its experience and know-how to
    innovation in its latest MTB pedal. Platform surface, lightness, engagement and
    release, we have exceeded all mountain bikers’ expectations.

    • Largest bearing surface on the market for maximum power transfer
    • Optional removable cage for increased flexibility
    • Compact and light-weight with its patented spring-wire system functioning under torsion
    • Optimum mud evacuation with the DCS (Dynamic Cleat System)
    • Injected carbon body, composite deflectors
    • 460 mm² of surface area
    • Weight: 122 g

    New patented binding system
    The new S-shaped spring-wire acting as a torsion bar (LOOK patent) provides impressive efficiency: instant cleat insertion and removal in any conditions, absence of untimely cleat
    removal, long working life. The spring-wire system has been proven in the mostsevere conditions, both in the laboratory and actual use.
    The simplicity of its design makes the S-Track compact, light and reliable, able to meet the demands of mountain bikers of all levels.

    Double surface area
    The S-Track pedal is the first in the world of MTB to offer a double surface area: a cleat-pedal contact - 200 mm2 - via elastomer pads. This contact is ensured
    regardless of the type of shoe, by using the 2mm wedge.
    an additional pedal-crampons contact can be obtained by adjusting the height of the cleat with wedges (0.5, 1 and 2mm) which are slipped under the cleat. The total surface obtained, 460 mm2, is by far the largest on the market, which assists power transmission and provides unmatched comfort.
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    • LOOK S-Track Carbon Ti 21/06/2016
      The double torsion bar spring design of the new Look S-Track is derived from their previous Quartz pedal, and has a lot in common with Time and crankbrothers pedals. It?s proved particularly good at clearing mud and snow, and has survived several rock smacks without damage.

      Look use a cutaway cleat to increase mud-shedding ability. Rubber inserts soften engagement with the pedal body and there are small flat sections on the outer edges of the pedal to engage with the shoe tread and increase lateral support. You can also get a bolt-on plastic platform (£16.99/US$49.99) to create an enduro-style pedal.

      The new S-shaped body makes the bars hard to locate and step into though, and the increased contact area only works if you use exactly the right depth of supplementary shims.

      The more supportive the fit, the more we struggled to get in and out, leading to repeated clipped-in crash incidents. We eventually added extra spacers to create enough gap for cleaner engagement and release, but that then accelerated wear on the cleat.

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    All clip-on pedals come as pair including cleats.
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