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  • The Ko Power is the essential pedal for experienced cyclists or triathletes wishing to analyse their pedalling strength with the purpose of developing it. The concept is to measure the strength but also the cadence of pedalling. Measuring is done distinctively left right for the version KEO POWER or only on the left pedal for overall measuring with the version KEO POWER Essential. The Ko Power and the Ko Power Essential enable communication with all Bluetooth compatible readers and smartphones.

    Stuffed with electronics besides its 8 stress gauges, the Keo Power is a real computer which permanently analyses the effort on the pedal and calculates the developed power with extreme accuracy (less than 2% deviation). A programme of auto calibration and permanent measuring of the cadence and power give the user all the necessary information for training.

    A reed relay placed on the axis of the Keo Power measures the cadence. The power and rhythm of that measurement enables the Keo Power to estimate the power. The transmitter then collects information to send it wirelessly to the meter via the Bluetooth. protocol.

    With the Ko Power Essential, benefit from the Ko Power technology but on a single pedal. The information is sent to the meter, that multiplies that information X2 to obtain general power. It is also possible to evolve the Keo Power Essential by completing it with a second equipped pedal.

    By adopting the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, the Ko Power is now compatible with all the Smartphones (from Iphone 4S and Androd 4.3) and Bluetooth meters. Each pedal records the cyclist's power and cadence through the pedal spindle, transferring them to the transmitters (attached to the pedal cranks) which in turn send them directly to the computer. This information is transmitted wirelessly. The same applies to the Keo Power Essential model, the difference being that measurement is only done on the left-hand pedal.

    The Ko Power and Ko Power Essential are very easy to install. They are compatible with the vast majority of bikes on the market and can be installed from one bike to the next. They are automatically calibrated when the system starts.

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