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LOOK Kéo 2 Max carbon pedals black

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    The LOOK design team has completely remodeled the shape of the KEO 2 MAX, giving it a new, slimmed down line yet a wider contact surface, increasing its style and efficiency.


    Optimized Contact Surface

    The pedals surface area has substantial symbolic importance. It is part of the brands identity and acts as an indelible signature on the product.

    The contact surface of the new KEO 2 MAX preserves the strong lines on which its history was built. Its width has been increased to 60 mm to provide a larger platform and improved foot stability during pedaling. This creates a feeling of unrivaled comfort not found in any other pedal.
    We also sought to optimize power transfer thanks to its new 500 mm of usable surface (+25% increase). The shape of the stainless-steel plate has been revised to match that of the cleat and to keep, regardless of the position of your foot (depending upon the angular float you use), the same amount of contact for consistent performance.
    Increasing the pedals usable contact surface, without any additional weight gain, improves the Power to Weight ratio, making the product even better and allowing you to perform at your best.

    Improved Spindle Profile

    The spindle profile of the new KEO 2 MAX has also been optimized. Built around an oversized Chromoly Plus steel axle, it is composed of an axle with an inner ball bearing and a needle roller bearing, located under the contact surface, to handle the load and distribute it optimally.
    A new component has been added between these two bearings. A serrated washer, previously used to hold the needle roller bearing in place, has been replaced with a conical spacer. This technical solution reduces friction, increases fluidity, and by consequence, decreases the geometrical tolerances of the pedal body and play.
    The sole purpose of the sum of these improvements has been to guarantee you irreproachable reliability.


    • Body material: Carbon
    • Axle material: Chromoly +
    • Pedal stack height + cleats: 17,3 mm
    • Contact surface area: 500 mm
    • Float: 8 or 12 Nm adjustable spring
    • Cleats: Ko Grip Cleats
    • Weight: 125 g (312 g per pair with cleats and screws)
    • Accessories: A pair of Grey Ko Grip cleats + screws
    • Warranty: 2 years

    LOOK Warranty policy

    Compatible Ko cleats!
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    • LOOK Kéo 2 Max Carbon
    • 1 pair of Kéo Grip cleats (grey)
    • Screws
  • Show all items from LOOKLOOK is a French manufacturer of high-end bicycle frames and pedals. Founded in 1951, the company has a long history of producing innovative, high-performance products for road, track, and cyclocross cycling. They have a reputation for quality, and many of their products have become industry standards.

    One of the most notable innovations from LOOK was the development of the first clipless pedal in 1984, known as the LOOK Keo. This pedal system revolutionized the cycling industry by allowing for more efficient pedaling, and it quickly became the standard in road cycling. Today, LOOK continues to innovate and improve its pedal technology, with a range of different models to suit different types of riders and riding styles.

    In addition to pedals, LOOK also produces a range of high-performance road and cyclocross frames. The company uses advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to create lightweight and stiff frames that are designed to provide maximum power transfer and handling precision. They offer a wide range of frames suitable for different types of riding, from racing to endurance.

    LOOK has a strong presence in the racing world and has sponsored various teams and athletes. They have been in the market for a long time and have established a loyal customer base. The company is also known for its attention to detail, and for using high-quality materials in the construction of their products. LOOK frames and components are often seen on high-end custom bicycles and on bikes used by professional racers.
IN STOCK (only 1 left in stock)
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