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Lightweight Wegweiser EVO Tubeless disc

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This item is crafted in Germany
  • Wegweiser EVO

    Wegweiser EVO has become a byword for innovation.

    What once happened as a result of an experiment quickly became a signature product thanks to sophisticated ideas and clever construction. WEGWEISER EVO takes it one step further by combining highly modular CFRP fibres with tubeless technology to achieve not only increased acceleration, more precise handling and breathtaking braking control but also improved comfort during the ride. The low rim height proves to be crucial in bad weather conditions as it reduces vulnerability to side winds while improving handling properties. The low rotating weight guarantees a smooth ride at lower energy consumption while the innovative pentagon hub prevents the brakes from dangerous overheating when exposed to intense stress. WEGWEISER EVO traditionally comes with a high system compatibility and is now also suitable for gravel and cyclo cross, thanks to its robust design.

    Gewicht VR
    Weight FW

    685 g
    Gewicht HR
    Weight RW

    765 g
    Gewicht Satz
    Weight Set

    1450 g
    Rim Depth

    36 mm
    Max. Felgenbreite
    Max Rim Width

    24 mm
    Felgenbreite Innen
    Inner Rim Width

    Speichenanzahl (VR/HR)
    Number of Spokes (FW/RW)

    Empfohlene Reifenbreite
    Recommended Tire Width

    Zulässiges Systemgewicht
    Max. System Weight

    120 Kg

    Lightweight Pentagon / DT Swiss 240s
    Achsensystem (VR/HR)
    Axlestandard (FW/RW)

    12x100mm / 12x142mm (Bitte wenden Sie sich an uns, sollten Sie ein anderes Achssystem benötigen.) (Please contact us should you need a different axle system.)
    Rotor Mount

    Centerlock, 6-Loch Adapter separat verfügbar. (6-bolt Adapter available separately)

    • Excellent stiffness / weight ratio
    • Unprecedented braking precision, thanks to high modular carbon fibre spokes
    • Full carbon fibre spokes enable direct power transfer without loss of energy
    • Low rim profile for excellent handling characteristics, also in crosswind conditions
    • Innovative pentagon hub system increases braking safety – especially on long downhill runs
    • The DT-Swiss hub enables a quick change to various axle systems
    • Compatible with all current groupsets (Campa 12 fach, SRAM AXS etc.)
    • Higher comfort compared to predecessor
    • Tubeless technology
    • Gravel and cyclocross approved

    Please communicate through the comment field of the shopping basket which axle kit we should deliver:

    • 12/100mm + 12/142mm
    • 15/100mm + 12/135mm
    • Thru-bolt 9/100mm + 10/135mm*

    *can also be used for all quick-release compatible frames
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    • Only on Wheel-Sets: Incl. Wheel Bag
    • Incl. Tire lever and Valve extender
    • 12x100mm and oder 12/142mm Endcaps (other Adapters available)
    • Without Brake Rotor
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17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time