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Lightweight Rundkurs disc wheel tubular

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This item is crafted in Germany
  • Rundkurs Disc

    How do you make a precise carbon race circuit wheel even more precise?

    Well, we make pretty light work of it!

    The track is an unforgiving place. It doesn’t give the cyclist – or us – any quarter. There is no other environment that poses such a stern test of a wheel’s quality and so mercilessly exposes its weaknesses. You won't find any weaknesses with RUNDKURS though. We’ve arranged the spoke design and weight distribution in a way that ensures optimum cornering precision. No matter whether you go for the disc version (100 mm front, 120 mm rear) or the spoked version (130 mm), you’ll never find another wheel that is as tough and as agile for ultra-precise handling. The race circuit may still push you to your limits, but the performance limits of RUNDKURS are nowhere to be seen.

    Gewicht VR
    Weight FW

    790 g
    Gewicht HR
    Weight RW

    880 g
    Gewicht Satz
    Weight Set

    1690 g
    Rim Depth

    Max. Felgenbreite
    Max Rim Width

    20 mm
    Speichenanzahl (VR/HR)
    Number of Spokes (FW/RW)

    Empfohlene Reifenbreite
    Recommended Tire Width

    19-27 mm
    Zulässiges Systemgewicht
    Max. System Weight

    120 Kg

    • Track applications
    • Optimized weight distribution
    • Spoke construction for use in the oval

    Please communicate through the comment field of the shopping basket which axle kit we should deliver:

    • 12/100mm + 12/142mm
    • 15/100mm + 12/135mm
    • Thru-bolt 9/100mm + 10/135mm*

    *can also be used for all quick-release compatible frames
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    • Only on Wheel-Sets: Incl. Wheel Bag
    • Incl. Tire lever and Valve extender
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17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time

17 - 19 weeks delivery time