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Lightweight freewheel body disc brake

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This item is crafted in Germany
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  • Conversion kit or spare part for SRAM, Shimano OR Campagnolo freewheel.
    Lightweight wheels are equipped with DT Swiss hubs and thus benefit from the extremely resilient "Ratchet System" of DT Swiss rear hubs and the great compatibility with various shifting systems.

    • extremely resilient "Ratchet System
    • Only CERAMICSPEED version: aluminum freewheel with CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings, sealed
    • compatible with all Lightweight rear wheels with DT Swiss 190 or 240 hubs

    Listing of the hub types
    Autobahn 190s
    Fernweg C 85 190s
    Fernweg C 63 190s
    Meilenstein C 24E 190s
    Meilenstein T 24E 240s
    Meilenstein Obermayer 190s
    Meilenstein Fernweg EVO 85 240s
    Meilenstein Fernweg EVO 63240s
    Pfadfinder 240s
    Meilenstein T 24D 240s
    Meilenstein EVO 240s
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    • 1x freewheel
    • 1x axle end cap
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