Lightweight Fernweg EVO 63 Tubeless disc

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  • Fernweg EVO 63 - Tubeless Clincher Disc Centerlock

    The Evolution of Speed - Redefined

    What once started with a lot of work in a garage soon became a phenomemon for the world of professional cycling. Lightweight’s carbon wheels took the roads by storm and were significantly improved with each generation. Every wheel became an icon in its own respective area and that is not only thanks to the vision and knowledge of the workers at Lightweight, but also their dedication.

    But how do you improve something that is already nearly perfect?

    This was exactly the goal for the new Generation EVO and after a long research and development period the time has finally come. MEILENSTEIN EVO, FERNWEG EVO 63, FERNWEG EVO 85 and WEGWEISER EVO are ready to be ridden and stun with their wide range of features.

    A new layup, the integration of tubeless technology and the application of special CFRP fibres do not only make the new Generation EVO more stable, more durable and more efficient but also more versatile than ever. For the rider, this means an even more efficient power transmission, excellent handling, improved rolling characteristics, more precise and safe braking performance and, most of all, more speed. Despite the tremendous stiffness, the comfort factor could be significantly improved – long rides will now be even more power saving.

    The time for the new generation has come – either you ride it, or you’ll be overtaken by it.

    FERNWEG mainly achieved its reputation in the triathlon and time trial sector. FERNWEG EVO 63 is not only an advancement but strikes out in a new direction in certain aspects. Combining a new layup with tubeless technology guarantees exceptional rolling characteristics. The application of highly modular CFRP fibres increases the tensile load of the spokes which results in outstanding acceleration values and unrivalled braking precision, particularly in bad weather conditions. The stiffness to weight ratio is unique among high profile wheels and thanks to an aerodynamically optimised rim design, side wind problems are a thing of the past. FERNWEG EVO 63 is not only more powerful and and stiffer than its predecessor but also offers more comfort during the ride.

    Gewicht VR
    Weight FW

    810 g
    Gewicht HR
    Weight RW

    885 g
    Gewicht Satz
    Weight Set

    1695 g
    Rim Depth

    Max. Felgenbreite
    Max Rim Width

    Felgenbreite Innen
    Inner Rim Width

    Speichenanzahl (VR/HR)
    Number of Spokes (FW/RW)

    Empfohlene Reifenbreite
    Recommended Tire Width

    Zulässiges Systemgewicht
    Max. System Weight

    120 Kg

    Lightweight Pentagon / DT Swiss 240s
    Achsensystem (VR/HR)
    Axlestandard (FW/RW)

    12x100mm / 12x142mm (Bitte wenden Sie sich an uns, sollten Sie ein anderes Achssystem benötigen.) (Please contact us should you need a different axle system.)
    Rotor Mount

    Centerlock, 6-Loch Adapter separat verfügbar. (6-bolt Adapter available separately)

    • Aero wheel based on the concept of our renowned MEILENSTEIN wheel
    • Integration of the propulsive properties and stiffness of our MEILENSTEIN
    • Modern shape – rim design optimised for aerodynamic efficiency
    • Top wheel by combining aerodynamics, crosswind handling, stiffness, and weight
    • Outstanding stiffness to weight ratio in the field of high profile wheels
    • Very low crosswind sensitivity
    • Unparalleled braking performance thanks to directly connected carbon fibre spokes
    • Innovative pentagon hub system increases safety while braking, particularly during long downhill rides
    • Full carbon spokes for direct power transfer without loss of energy
    • Compatible with all current groupsets (Campa 12 fach, SRAM AXS etc.)
    • Higher comfort compared to predecessor
    • Tubeless technology
    • Best used for mountainous, twisting and/or windy triathlon competitions as well as time trials
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  • Please communicate through the comment field of the shopping basket which axle kit we should deliver:

    • 12/100mm + 12/142mm
    • 15/100mm + 12/135mm
    • Thru-bolt 9/100mm + 10/135mm*

    *can also be used for all quick-release compatible frames
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