Lightweight Fernweg C 85 clincher red

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  • FERNWEG C 85 - Red

    Higher, faster, further. The new FERNWEG with a 85 mm rim height leaves every competition behind. The combination of aerodynamics, lower cross wind vulnerability, stiffness, handling and weight make for a unprecedented smoothness.. Our new aerodynamic carbon wheel was built up on the basic concept of our top wheel MEILENSTEIN and excels with the same propulsion characteristics and increased stiffness. Nasty crosswinds do not irritate the new FERNWEG and athletes can deliver maximum performance while being in aero position. When riders on other wheels have to give up the aero position, FERNWEG riders will still be able to maintain it and pull away. Subsequently, FERNWEG is ready for professional use. It is suitable for IRON MAN competitions and we are looking forward to countless worldwide successes of athletes riding this LIGHTWEIGHT wheel.

    Wheel Type

    Gewicht VR
    Weight FW

    755 g
    Gewicht HR
    Weight RW

    870 g
    Rim Depth

    85 mm
    Max. Felgenbreite
    Max Rim Width

    26.4 mm
    Felgenbreite Innen
    Inner Rim Width

    Speichenanzahl (VR/HR)
    Number of Spokes (FW/RW)

    Empfohlene Reifenbreite
    Recommended Tire Width

    Zulässiges Systemgewicht
    Max. System Weight

    100 Kg

    • Aero wheel based on the concept of our renowned MEILENSTEIN wheel
    • Integration of the propulsive properties and stiffness of MEILENSTEIN
    • Modern shape – rim design optimised for aerodynamic efficiency
    • Top wheel in the combination of aerodynamics, crosswind sensitivity, stiffness, handling and weight
    • Outstanding stiffness to weight ratio in the field of high profile wheels
    • Very low crosswind sensitivity
    • Excellent acceleration thanks to relative low weight with high stiffness
    • Full carbon spokes for direct power transmission without loss of energy
    • Modern shape – rim design optimised for aerodynamic efficiency
    • Best used for flat and mountainous triathlon competitions as well as time trials

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