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Lightweight Autobahn disc-wheel tubular rim brake rear wheel

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  • Unbeatable in the fight against time - The Lightweight Autobahn wheels for your triathlon bike

    Aerodynamics, stiffness and weight are decisive factors in the battle against the clock. Our full carbon disc, weighing only 800g and with a stiffness of approx. 90 N/mm, offers you all the advantages you need to become even faster in triathlon competitions or time trials: Top aerodynamics to avoid air turbulence, excellent climbing characteristics on the mostly hilly time trial courses and best acceleration values especially out of the curve. The carbon spoke construction not only looks stunning, but also offers excellent lateral stiffness that you can feel on the road. Our AUTOBAHN disc has become an indispensable part of the triathlon scene. It is undisputedly one of the best full carbon discs currently available on the market. To complete the wheel set you can use the eight spoke front wheel from the Lightweight AUTOBAHN series or combine it with a Lightweight FERNWEG high profile rim.

    The ideal carbon wheel for the triathlon bike

    An ideal carbon wheel for triathlon should be light, stable and aerodynamic. The less weight a triathlete has to move when cycling, the more energy-saving he or she can realize. Disc wheels are unbeatable in terms of aerodynamics. Numerous studies prove that disc wheels have the lowest air resistance when the wind blows from the front. There is no air turbulence whatsoever due to spokes and a maximum possible sailing effect when the wind blows from the side is made possible by the construction of the disc.

    However, a disc wheel (Disc) offers the full contact surface for wind, due to its design. Therefore, the front wheel and its rim height is of decisive importance in terms of the controllability of the racing bike. When it comes to comfort, you have to make concessions with a carbon disc wheel. Due to its design, the disc wheel cannot compete with an aero wheel with spokes. The enormous stiffness for more propulsion is at the expense of comfort.

    The typical solution for a time trial bike (TT bike, triathlon bike) is therefore a disc in the back and a high profile rim or trispoke in the front.

    SCHWARZ ED - Premium brands meet

    The Lightweight Black ED wheel brings you one step closer to success. We have added an additional innovative component to all wheels of our Schwarz ED: Ball bearings from the brand CeramicSpeed. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur, this wheel gives you wings. On a long distance (e.g. Ironman) you can save up to 9 minutes of time. Decisive minutes between success and defeat. As an athlete, you benefit not only from the significantly greater durability of CeramicSpeed bearings. They also increase your performance. The low rolling resistance makes it easier to reach your goal, increases your speed and makes you more effective. Speed and fun in a perfect combination.

    Just like Lightweight, CeramicSpeed follows the same philosophy: the use of the best available materials, years of experience in the bicycle industry and high-quality handmade production. This makes the CeramicSpeed ball bearings a product of the highest professional level.


    • Weight: 780g
    • Axle system: QR 130mm
    • Rim profile: -
    • Rim width: 20mm
    • Number of spokes: Scheibe
    • Recommended tire width: 19-27mm
    • Max system weight: 120kg

    Please communicate through the comment field of the shopping basket which axle kit we should deliver:

    • 12/100mm + 12/142mm
    • 15/100mm + 12/135mm
    • Thru-bolt 9/100mm + 10/135mm*

    *can also be used for all quick-release compatible frames
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    • incl. manual
    • incl. brake pads
    • incl. valve extensions
    • incl. tire levers
    • incl. pump adapter
    • incl. valve hole cover sticker
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52 weeks delivery time

52 weeks delivery time

52 weeks delivery time