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Jagwire 2X Elite Link Shift shift cable set

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  • Jagwire Elite Link housing is the ultimate combination of durability and attention-grabbing looks. Available in six eye-catching colors, they’re designed to improve any bike’s performance and appearance. 2x Elite Link Shift Kits are spec’d for use on road or mountain bikes that use both a front and rear derailleur.

    The housing uses a series of aluminum links to provide a compressionless system for precise shifting performance. But unlike typical compressionless housing, its flexibility allows for tight bends without kinking. It’s also lighter than traditional linear strand shift housing while being more durable. Combine these benefits with Elite, ultra-slick polished cables and Slick-Lube liners, and you’ve got the best of performance and style.

    Precise, compressionless shifting performance combined with extreme flexibility
    Each kit comes with links pre-installed on housing segments making setup quick and simple
    Ultra-slick polished inner cables minimize system friction
    Durable aluminum housing won’t kink or rust and is 20% lighter than typical shift housing
    Includes enough housing and end caps for a bike with both a front and rear derailleur, with split (non-continuous) cable housing
    Bikes with continuous housing and/or extra-large frames may need additional links and/or liners


    Housing Construction Aluminum Links with Slick-Lube Liner
    Outside Diameter 5.0mm
    Housing Length 2060mm maximum (additional links and liners available separately to extend length)
    Cable Construction STS-EL
    Compatibility SRAM/Shimano Road and Mountain
    Front Cable Length 2300mm
    Rear Cable Length 2300mm


    1 x 400mm Link Segment with 2000mm Slick-Lube Liner
    1 x 400mm Link Segment with 1430mm Slick-Lube Liner
    1 x 300mm Link Segment with 1120mm Slick-Lube Liner
    2 x 2300mm Elite Ultra-Slick inner liner stainless steel, mirror polished
    30 x aluminum segments
    2 x LEX-SL 4mm shift cable outer sleeves, 300mm
    2 x 4mm open end caps (black)
    2 x Pro Indexed inline cable adjusters
    2 x outer sheath connectors (4/4mm)
    4 x adapter end caps to connect with 4mm shift cable outer sheaths
    2 x Color matching end sleeves
    15 x Mini Tube Tops - frame protectors
    6 x Cable Donuts - frame protectors
    1 x Dirt Guard - boot
    2 x Rotating Hook - connecting hook
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