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Hutchinson Urban wired tire 26

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    • Semi-slick profile ensuring good performance and excellent puncture resistance.
    • Vintage look with its beige sidewalls.
    • Designed for urban and recreational use.

    Dimensions ETRTO Concept TT/TL TPI Beads Colours Weight (+/- 7%) Reference
    26x1.38 37-559 No concept TT 33 WIRE Black 580g PV692235
    650x1/2 B 44-584 No concept TT 33 WIRE Black 650g PV692275
    650x35B 40-584 No concept TT 33 WIRE Black 600g PV692245
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  • Show all items from HutchinsonHutchinson is a French company that specializes in the manufacture of high-performance bicycle tires. Founded in 1853, Hutchinson has a long and rich history in the cycling industry and has established itself as one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. The company produces a wide range of tires for various cycling disciplines, including road racing, mountain biking, and cyclocross.

    One of the defining characteristics of Hutchinson tires is their focus on innovation and technology. The company was one of the first to develop tubeless tires, which eliminate the need for an inner tube and offer improved ride quality, lower rolling resistance, and reduced risk of punctures. Hutchinson also pioneered the use of aramid beads, which are lighter and stronger than traditional wire beads, and provide improved performance and durability.

    In addition to tubeless and aramid bead technology, Hutchinson also uses high-quality materials in the construction of their tires, such as puncture-resistant casings and durable rubber compounds. This results in tires that are both reliable and long-lasting, even in demanding conditions.

    Hutchinson also offers a range of tires specifically designed for different types of terrain, from smooth and fast-rolling road tires to rugged and aggressive mountain bike tires. These tires are designed with specific tread patterns and rubber compounds to provide optimal traction, handling, and durability, no matter the type of cycling you are doing.

    In conclusion, Hutchinson is a highly regarded bicycle tire manufacturer with a long history of producing innovative and high-performance products. With a focus on technology, materials, and design, Hutchinson tires are a popular choice among serious cyclists who demand the best from their equipment.
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