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Gelu S3 carbon saddle punctured

61124 / 2020
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    Gelu Carbon Creation is a company that was created in 2013 by Angel Ivanof. Angel has been connected to composites industry for the last 20 years. In the early 90s, he began his nautical adventure with the manufacture and repair of numerous carbon components for racing boats, including sports such as canoeing, rowing, windsurfing and surfing. In 1999 he entered the world of advanced aeronautics composites. Angel has begun to apply the knowledge gained in this area to the world of cycling since the year 2005. He has been co-repairing all the carbon components using the advanced composites technology. The first prototype of the 100% carbon saddle was created in 2006. Gelu saddles team have been improving ever since thanks to a close collaboration with an orthopedist, an engineer as well as some of the best Portuguese athletes. Gelu Carbon Creation has always based its work on three fundamental factors: ergonomics, up-to-date technology and, more importantly, the feedback from some of the most experienced athletes.

    Gelu s.3
    The lightest saddle in the world. Do we need to say more...

    • Weight: +/- 45g
    • Size: 255/124 (mm)
    • Top: 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
    • Rails: 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
    • Max Weight: 95kg


    • Road bikes, recreation & urban bikes; Possibility of customization (colors, names, logos...)

    Find our more here: Gelu Carbon Creation
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    Rate this product

    1 review for Gelu S3 carbon saddle punctured with an rating of 5/5 point.

    • If it wasn't a functional saddle it would be a piece of art.
      I have a G3 which is very similar. It is hard to imagine that a saddle can weigh 49 grams. I've ridden it for a couple of years and don't have a problem with the fact that it is a torture device and a urologists worst nightmare. You'd think it would be terribly uncomfortable, but it really isn't if you wear shorts with sufficient padding (e.g Assos), plus, I think when you are a serious rider you never really sit with all of your weight on the saddle. That said, it is not a saddle you can really move around a lot on like a Fizik Arione. Also, the carbon cracked on my first one and it was replaced without issue. It was not a manufacturing fault, I was riding, hit a dip in the road that threw my weight forward on to the nose at an unlucky angle, and it cracked (I'm 73 kilos).
    • Gelu S3 carbon saddle punctured
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