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Fulcrum Speed 40 disc clincher wheelset 2-Way Fit C19 AFS 12/100mm 12/142mm

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  • SPEED 40 DB

    SPEED is synonymous with competition, and represents the ultimate in performance, above all when the stopwatch is the only means used to judge results on a racing bike. It the name of a product created for World Tour professionals, who use the tubular tyre version, and for all those who use these wheels for racing.

    With the above as a premise, what features should the 40 mm-high, non-tubular SPEED wheel - which is ideal in most situations - have?

    That's simple: the best of everything. And thus, the SPEED 40 DB, 2-Way Fit (tubeless) + disc brake wheel is born.
    SPEED 40 DB is a set of wheels for use with disc brakes that will simply leave you speechless, featuring a cutting-edge rim with a new shape, designed according to innovative technical concepts. At 26.5 mm, the wheel is wider, with an aerodynamic shape which includes a pronounced 8 mm profile and a "twill" weave carbon fibre texture, optimising the elastic responsiveness of the rim.

    The final aerodynamic profile is the fruit of a lengthy finishing process: from simulations to prototype testing, in order to select the best design whilst taking the side wind and the turbulence created by the disc into account, followed by a long analysis to choose the best materials to be used on the final product.

    Need a few more hints to get a real feel for the spirit of this wheel? Here they are: the SPEED 40 DB boasts a 2-Way Fit construction - and as such is tubeless by conception - with a 19 mm wide channel, and a USB ceramic cone & cup bearing system. And, of course, the oversize flanges on the hubs are designed to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by the disc brake.

    Ultimately, the SPEED 40 DB is the new point of reference for riders who have chosen to a disc brake, and who are looking for the very best wheels out there, with a true racing pedigree and a perfect mid-profile on the majority of routes.

    2-Way Fit:
    RDB Rim Dynamic Balance:
    USB - Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings:
    2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio - Disc Brake:
    DRSC - Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling:
    Anti-Rotation System:
    AFS axle system:
    Rim Full Carbon technology:
    Wide Rim Tech:
    Undrilled Rim Bed:
    Cup & Cone:
    Disc specific Rim:
    Carbon hubs:
    Plasma freehub:
    Oversize Flange:
    Monoblock hub for Disc:

    • tyre type: 2-Way fit (for clincher and tubeless)
    • tyre size: 622mm/700c/28"-29"
    • discipline: Road / Triathlon
    • ASTM category: 2
    • weight: 1470 g
    • rim material: Carbon
    • rim material details: Full carbon, "Twill" carbon fiber finishing
    • profile height: Medium
    • rim height: Front and rear: 40 mm
    • rim width: 26,5 mm
    • inner rim width (channel): 19 mm
    • tyre width: From 23 mm to 50 mm
    • braking system: Disc brake
    • braking surface/brakes options: AFS
    • front axle compatibility: HH12-100
    • rear axle compatibility: HH12-142
    • front wheel spokes: 21, Two-to-one (14 left 7 right)
    • rear wheel spokes: 21, Two-to-one (7 left 14 right)
    • spokes: material Stainless steel, double butted
    • spokes: profile Rounded, straight pull
    • nipples: Aluminum
    • front hub: Carbon, Aluminum oversize flange
    • rear hub: Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange
    • bearings: USB ceramic bearings. Adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system
    • others: Plasma treated HG freewheel. Aluminum Axle
    • Weight limit: 109 kg (Cyclist)
    • FWB options: HG11, Campy, XDR
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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for Fulcrum Speed 40 disc clincher wheelset 2-Way Fit C19 AFS 12/100mm 12/142mm with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • Super roues, moyeux très fluides sur tout types de parcours.
    • 1x Fulcrum Speed 40 Disc Wheelset
    • Incl. Tubeless Valve
    • Incl. Rim Tape
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